The Brighter Side: How to Look on the Brighter Side of Things

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The Brighter Side: How to Look on the Brighter Side of Things

Sometimes it may seem like all odds are against you, you’re cornered by your problems, or you’ve dug yourself into a hole that you cannot get out of. As humans, when things aren’t going in the direction we expect, we tend to let the negative overshadow the positive things that we have to look to. We have to somehow break away from this habit, before it takes a bigger toll on us. In this post we will talk about how and why it is important to remain optimistic.

Understand that things could be much worse. Whatever you’re going through, know that someone somewhere has it two times worse. Be grateful for the little things and the circumstances that you are in, even if they aren’t favorable. Someone would probably give anything to be in the position you are in. There cannot be any good without the bad followed in front or behind it, but don’t forget to count your blessings.

Nothing is a waste of time, just a lesson learned. There are lessons in every mistake, failure, and missed opportunity. Even if you weren’t at fault, maybe there was something you could’ve done to counteract the outcome. Pick apart the situation and evaluate it, maybe somewhere along the way you will see something could have been done differently. Accept these mistakes and learn from it. You only become a stronger, wiser person from accepting your wrongs and using it to your advantage.

Remind yourself, check yourself. Personally, I am a complete self-critic. I get in my head, and psych myself out. Do not, by any means, overthink a situation more than it needs to be. Sometimes you have to remind yourself of the bright, intelligent, and worthy self you are. Don’t count yourself out. Try write uplifting messages to yourself and put them in a place you will see them throughout the day. At times we need those little pick-me-ups. Even if no one else is telling you, make it a point to tell yourself that you are destined for greatness and capable of anything.

Don’t forget to ease your mind. Do things to take your mind off the negative things going on around you. Had a bad day at work? Go for a run, or a walking around the neighborhood when you get home. Time to clear your head is necessary. Don’t let your worries consume you. Get up, get out, and shake it off. Even if you can’t seem to shake it, sometimes you have to fake it. Fake it until you make it, right?

No one said this thing we call life would be easy. It is trying. We encounter obstacles everyday, some that we are able to brush off and others where it’s not so simple or easy. Nonetheless, there are way too many things to thankful for (for instance, waking up or even having the ability to read this post). Don’t take the little things for granted, be kind to others even if they aren’t to you, compliment someone even if you don’t look your best at the moment, tell someone you love them. Life is too short, and that is the number one reason to look on the bright side of all things.

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