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When To Stop Dreaming…

What exactly is a dreamer? The dictionary describes a dreamer as a person who is unpractical or idealistic. Its is said to be believed that dreamers tend to start things and never finish, and are unable to remain focus on one task before moving onto the next one. Being a dreamer is not necessarily a bad thing. Growing up our parents tell us to “dream big” and “you can do anything you put your mind to.” Dreaming allows you to be creative and think the unthought of.

Everyone dreams, it just depends on if they are passionate or not. If you are not passionate about an idea it is likely that you won’t commit to execution. When you come up with an ithe-skydea, you have to be realistic. Be real with yourself in everything you do, whether it be personal or professional. Skeptically and strategically make the decision if you are willing to carry out a plan, whole-heartedly. Once your decision is made, plant the seeds.

Every success story has its time of doubt. You may be told “no” several times, or your experiments may fail. The road may be far from easy, but if you know what position and where you want to end up you will respect the journey. Hard work is always rewarded in due time. Not to mention that a lot of the time when people give up, they are not far from the break through they have been yearning for. A strong finish is a worthy finish.

When you are passionate and determined about something it is time to stop dreaming. The sequence is: dream, think, work, finish. Some of the greatest inventions were thought of by someone who had a dream, a vision. For sure they encountered some road-blockers and their faith may have been shaken up, but they were committed to stopping at nothing until they had a finished product. It is OK to be a dreamer, there is nothing wrong with having a bit of imagination. However, when you see promise in your dreams, make those dreams your reality. Dreaming is believing, believing is seeing.

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