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The College Student’s Guide to “Just Doing It”



If you are like myself you have every intention on doing something ahead of time, but somehow you find yourself doing it at the last minute. I did this so much that I got tired of cramming. When you wait until the last minute you do not give yourself time to put in your best effort, because you are so worried about just getting it finished. When trying to quickly finish a task you will most likely not be satisfied with the finished product, because you didn’t give yourself time to strategically put it together and plan accordingly. Here are some tips to help make all of our lives easier:

  1. Get a planner

A planner helps you to plan out your week and keeps you aware of what you need to complete by a certain day. You can use your planner as a calendar to build your schedule around. You can refer to it to check if you’ll have any free time to go out with your friends or have company over.

There are many different types of planners depending on your preference. You can get a planner you write in, or you can get an app on your phone.

2. Don’t procrastinate

Procrastination leads to cramming, and when you end up cramming your work suffers. You should be proud of your finished product. When you rush to finish you don’t have time to reorganized certain aspects that you aren’t happy with. Say for instance you are halfway through your project and you get a new idea that you want to incorporate, but you won’t have the time to because you waited until the last minute. Give yourself time to make adjustments. Your first idea certainly will not be your last.

3. Work in sections

This tip is somewhat of an add-on to tip #2. If you work in sections this will help with cramming, and you won’t have to worry about doing everything at once. Cut out time to complete your assignment piece by piece. It would be less stressful to write a page or two a day versus writing 8 pages in one day.

4. Tired? Take a nap!

Naps are essential. In college, you lose countless hours of sleep. When you are tired, you don’t retain information as well and tend to make unnecessary mistakes. Take no more than an hour nap, to avoid to being restless when you are actually ready to go to bed. Taking a nap will give you an energy boost and help you to refocus.

Of course, you still get slammed with work and you find yourself cramming. However, the more accustom you get with trying to work ahead the less stress you will find yourself under.

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