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Getting Out the Boat

Whether you’re a believer and heard it in church or a scholar and have studied it in school, we’re all mostly aware of the biblical story when Peter was told to step outside of the boat and walk on water. I’m not here to give you a bible study lesson but don’t miss the point here…. and that’s to be like Peter. Peter stepped out on faith to do the impossible. All he had to do was get outside of the boat. Imagine you are Peter inside of the boat; the boat can symbolize things that are a hinderance to you, things that make you comfortable and stagnant, and all of the things that are essentially stopping you from achieving the alleged unachievable. We tend to go through life being comfortable and never really achieve things that we want because it may seem hard or unattainable. No matter if the solution is simply lifting our right leg we won’t do it because we are so used to lifting our left.  We rather count ourselves out before we even fail to save our own face. But what’s the fun in that?


It’s time. Time to take a leap of faith and do all of the things we aspire to do. The phrase “yolo” may be dated now but it really is something to keep in the back of your head when trying to make a decision. You only live once so enjoy what the world has to offer now.  You really have nothing to lose when you’re following your dreams and everything to gain. The world is your oyster! So what if you fail? Try again and again and again. Nobody wants to end life full of regrets and what ifs. If you’ve honestly gave it all you’ve got and things didn’t work out quite how you planned, it’s okay. You can at least say you tried and you did your best. So take a step to get outside of the boat. Try something new, learn something new, love someone, love yourself, just enjoy life to the fullest.

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