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Christmas time is suppose to be the most wonderful time of the year but as I get older I’m finding that it is the most expensive. As a penny-pinching college student, I try to only splurge on things that I absolutely have to. Being on a budget has taught me how to cut corners and be super creative with repurposing things to make something else. Getting in the holiday spirit is no different. Since I’m not buying gifts to put under the tree I found that it isn’t necessary for me to get one. However, I still want to be in the holiday spirit. I visited Dollar Tree (which by the way is underrated in the clutch-ness department… you find sooooo many great things in this place for just $1) hoping to find some cheap but cute things that I could possibly use to decorate.

Here’s what I found:


Flowers are great addition for any occasion. I put together 4 flowers that give off the Christmas vibe and found a glass vase. This floral arrangement can serve as a center-piece on your dining table, just a countertop eye catcher in the kitchen, or an accent on your living room’s sofa table. You can add water to give it a more realistic look or add stones.






Why spend $5 per roll for wrapping paper when you can buy five for the same price. I didn’t see any Christmas themed wrapping paper but I did find tis cute silver metallic-like paper that would still fit the theme.







This next idea would have to take a little bit of work to do. If you’re crafty and like DIYs this is for you! Making a ribbon/bow wreath! Dollar tree sells wire wreath and al you have to do it glue on some bows and hang it on your door.


img_1652 Potpourri is an old trick to add color (and scent) to a space. You can add this to a vase and then BOOM! FESTIVE!











img_1653Last but not least, candles! Dollar Tree has so many that are the tradition Christmas red and white. Whether you want to light them on the table at dinner or just sit them somewhere for looking only, this is a steal!

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