Who Run the World? GIRLS!: An ode to women entrepreneurs

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Who Run the World? GIRLS!: An ode to women entrepreneurs

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This may in fact be “a man’s world” but women definitely RUN IT! For so long women have fought for equity in the work place or in life period. Women put in just as much work (sometimes even more) only to get over looked and taken for granted solely because they are women. It’s 2016, it is pretty sad that we are still dealing with such sexist and degrading discrimination. If you’re too nice then you’re emotional and a pushover. If you’re too assertive and have high expectations then you’re considered the ‘b’-word and I do not mean beautiful. It’s time to acknowledge those women who take risks despite of how incapable society may paint her to be. The time is now and November 19th is the official Women Entrepreneurship Day!

So, here’s a special ode to women entrepreneurs…

“Hardworking woman is what you exude but sometimes it’s hard for you to realize. Completely focused that you forget that it’s you that so deserving. Deserving of the world and everything that composes it because it is the sweet symphonies of your dreams that keep it spinning. The many hats you wear are the ones that you created. No copy of your illustrations can ever catch up. You are the blueprint, the example, the prototype and the original. Validation is only a plus in your case because you are sure. Sure of who you are and the bearing gifts you have to offer. Despite the efforts of destruction, you are a conqueror and overcomer of adversity. There’s nothing you cannot do. Like a lioness you are fierce and strong but overlooked. Do not get discouraged because you are appreciated. Somewhere there are little ones watching and inspired by every fiber of your being. Every choice you make is not for the effect it brings you but someone else. Together women have made the impossible possible. Sisterhood is our strength, love and passion are our motives. So hardworking woman, thank you!”


LaPorsha Brister

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