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LaPorsha, the Intern

Greetings World!

How narcissistic and vain is it to have an entire post about yourself when no one even knows you… yet?!

Well for starters, I’m LaPorsha. I’m currently a junior marketing student at Georgia State University. It wasn’t until recently I decided that I wanted to have a career in the event world. Before graduating high school, I explored the option of design but unfortunately I let outsiders get into my head, which lead me to different routes. I feel like the detour was necessary because it made me realize that this line of work is in line with my life’s purpose.

I was introduced to The SOA Brand through an event that was held on GSU’s campus. When Mrs. Shawntel spoke about her business and the ideal behind it, I automatically felt like I needed to be a part of it all. Here at The SOA Brand, we tell stories and that is exactly why I want to get into events and marketing, to create experiences and long lasting memories.

Outside of events, I have one other passion, DANCE! I absolutely love dancing and everything about it. I started dancing when I was about 4 or 5 years old. However, I did stop for quite some time and didn’t start back until high school. For me, dance is one of those things that when you love it and have to let it go for unfortunate reasons, it just keeps coming back. To put my love for dance into perspective, I really can’t imagine my life not having some form of dance in it.

After graduating I have one real goal, to be happy! In order for me to be happy I have to do things I love with people I love. I’m free spirited by nature so I feel one of the main ways I’ll achieve that ultimate sense of life’s fulfillment is if I act upon the many ideas in my head. As long as I remain true to myself and keep the passions burning, there’s not one thing I cannot do. With all of that being said, through this internship, I truly hope I learn as much as I can in order to make my fantasies into realities!


LaPorsha Brister

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