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It’s the Little Things

I’m pretty sure that I am not the only one whose year has been full of experiences. Whether they’re good or bad, just… experiences. I’ve frequently found myself being overwhelmed  with the  not-so-greats of life; which tend to gang up on you at once, such bullies. Thankfully, by nature I am strong and not willing to let negativity consume me. Like many others, I subconsciously get through things but I do get through them. I took a step back to observe and here’s what I came up with:


From day-to-day, check your mentality and try to set balanced expectations. If you expect the worst then the worst will happen. If you expect too much then you will most likely be disappointed. Adjust your perception of things. It’s great to be optimistic but also balance it with realism.

Accept things for what they are. I’m guilty of giving everything the benefit of the doubt. What I’ve learned is that instead of excusing and justifying, look for opportunities to learn and grow. Look for areas that you may have allowed things to happen and improve yourself. Accept and embrace the perceived negatives because 9-times-out-of-10 there is actually something positive worth noting.

Don’t dwell on things you can’t do. Feed your strengths. Don’t beat yourself up if you feel like you can’t do something. Everything is not for everybody. Find your niche, find your interests, find your talents and go with it.

Force yourself to look on the brighter side. Find positivity in everything. Even about yourself. For example, you may not like your elbows but note how bomb your knees are. Build yourself up and appreciate what you do have instead of complaining about what you think you lack.

As a black woman, I’ve found that within our culture we sweep things under the rug instead if dealing with them. Deal with the things that bother you. Stop oppressing your emotions and get it out. You’ll appreciate things so much more with a light heart. You have a voice so use it.


Since today is Thanksgiving, take a step back, observe the things you’ve overlooked and be grateful for it all.



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