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#GivingTuesday: National Day of Giving



Many of us are familiar with days such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but did you all know about Giving Tuesday? Every Tuesday after Thanksgiving is considered the “National Day of Giving.” Founded in 2012, this year Giving Tuesday is on November 29, 2016. This national day starts off the charitable season of gift-giving.

Giving Tuesday was created by 92nd Street Y, which is at the Belfer Center for Innovation & Social Impact. 92nd Street Y is a cultural institution and community center located in New York. This global day was created with the intentions to bring together diverse groups of individuals, communities, and organizations around the world to celebrate and encourage giving. Social media plays a big part in how they spread the word about how to participate in the Giving Tuesday activities. On this day, different forms of businesses and individuals engage in these acts of giving and kindness to give back to communities in need. On the Giving Tuesday website you can search to see which businesses near you are involved. Some examples to show your Giving Tuesday spirit could be hosting a bake sale or donating your children’s old toys to charity. If you are looking for ideas on how an organization could participate, that information is also provided on the website along with the process for registering your company.

This day has been effective in many communities due to social media and collaboration. In 2015, 71 countries participated in Giving Tuesday. They raised 116.7 million dollars, from about 700 thousand online donors. To show how useful social media plays a part in this movement #GivingTuesday was mentioned 1.3 million times on social media. They received about 1.08 million gifts in total during last years giving season. This day brings together companies and countries from all over the world, and encourages others to “pay it forward” by giving back to families and communities.

On the Giving Tuesday website (GivingTuesday.org) you can find more information about the organizations involved and ways to get engaged. Join their mailing list to stay informed on their upcoming events and new resources!

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