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Event Style: What to Wear to Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching. I’m sure we all know what we are going to eat for dinner however; we tend to forget to plan what we are going to wear. It’s pretty obvious that everyone won’t have the exact same plans (other than eating) so I’ve created different looks that can cater to your dinner itnerary.

Meeting Their Family:

You have been in this relationship for a while and it is time to meet their family. You want to keep your look simple but impressionable. However, don’t play the look too safe. Be sure to ask your significant other questions about their family to get a feel of what’s appropriate to wear and how that complements your preexisting style.

In my opinion, a cute mid thigh dress with a bit of shoulder showing is the perfect look. Match it with some super cute boots and be on your way to meet the family.


House Hopping:

You are the person to know! This holiday season your popularity has peeked and everyone has invited you to get a plate from their house. You still want to look cute but comfort is mostly important since you will be doing a lot of moving around.

ALWAYS remember black is always the answer. If you’re comfortable with casually wearing pumps this long sleeved velvet romper is the perfect combination of sleek & sexy mixed with simple & cute.house-hopping-1

However, if you’re more of a laid back type of gal, boyfriend jeans, a printed tshirt and cardigan is a relaxed but still pretty chic look. If you wear this simple of an outfit, be sure to play around with colors and patterns to give it a unique and fashionable approach.



Couch Potato:

So you don’t have plans. It is perfectly fine to spend the holidays alone but that does not mean you cannot look beat while eating takeout and binge watching Netflix.

Here’s to the classic holiday plaid pajamas. Pair them with your warmest and fuzziest slippers and pig out with all of your guilty pleasures in front of the tv.couch-potato-1

Another option is wearing a robe. I’m not telling you what you should and shouldn’t wear underneath but feel FREE to do whatever is pleasing to you. Put on your robe, grab your laptop and just indulge on your favorite sites (like The Soa Brand) to catch up on the latest of news.


Formal Program:

What better way to be grateful than at a nice formal event? Now this is a dress to impress scenario. Whether the event is at church or a high- end restaurant, it is okay to stand out.

It’s all about color coordinating. Pick a dress that is fun and statement making. Once you’ve found your bold piece, pair them with simple complementary accessories.

formal-program-1 formal-program-2


Giving Back:

Sometimes we want to have a more fulfilling experience than what we’re used to.  Providing clothes and food to less fortunate on the holidays require extremely comfortable clothes.

Pants are the way to go if you plan on doing social work. You can either dress it down or up; depending on your tasks and desired comfort level.

giving-back-1 giving-back-2

*all outfit/pictures created and designed by LaPorsha Brister


A few things to keep in mind…

Be yourself. Despite the occasion or what you decide to wear, stay true to you.

No matter how hot fall has been so far, it is still fall. With that being said, make sure you stay in style. Try to tap into the essence of the season by incorporating earth tones and neutral colored clothing into your outfit.

Lastly, remember to be grateful. Not only for the materialiastic things but for much much more.


Hopefully some of these outfit ideas help with your Thanksgiving plans!



LaPorsha Brister

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