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Event Story: 2016 Annual Glow Conference


Elaine Combs, Founder and CEO of Creative Circle Co.

On November 12, 2016, Creative Circle Co. held their first annual Glow Conference for millennial female entrepreneurs. Creative  Circle Co. is a digital platform and community for millennials who are seeking or in the process of operating one or more businesses. This conference was a day’s worth of networking, empowerment, inspiration, and creativity. Founder and CEO of Creative Circle Co., Elaine Combs, created this space for women to come together and overcome all of the faith-blockers that may be hindering them from being successful in the field they wish to operate in. Faith-blockers consist of: procrastination, being afraid to fail, not knowing where to start, and lack of community and motivation. Creative Circle Co. hosted multiple programs with female speakers who are well-experienced in their fields. Each program aimed to answer general questions someone might ask when starting a business or looking to better their business.

An often occurring problem is not knowing where to start when you are creating a business. Without the knowledge and resources it takes to start a business, you can imagine the hardships one can face on their journey to success. The Glow Conference provided all attendees with legal, branding, and budgeting advice, as well as spiritual encouragement. When it comes to entrepreneurship, it is about what you know and who you know. One of the Glow goals was to provide a way to network within the millennial community. The reasoning behind this idea is that there is not enough platforms such as the one that Creative Circle Co. has created. “Glow was created so we could form an authentic community full of support and love, so women do not feel alone on this journey,” stated Combs. Without these resources, we are prone to think that we have to do everything by ourselves, but we don’t have to unless we chose to.

Combs stated, “being a woman is one of the biggest obstacles millennial female entrepreneurs face.” The preconceived notion that a woman cannot do a man’s job is a challenge that is deeply rooted in today’s society. This is one of the leading conflicts the Glow Conference sought out to resolve. With the tagline, “gather, inspire, learn and create” Creative Circle Co. created an enlightening space for women to come together, connect, share ideas, and lift one another. “I wanted to gather like-minded millennial females, have them be inspired, learn from the panelists and be motivated to create,” Combs said. The pressure is always ten times greater on female entrepreneurs versus male entrepreneurs. However, all women are capable. Women are constantly overcoming opposing ideas and expectations of female business owners.

There are numerous opportunities waiting to happen if you “step out on faith” and walk in your purpose. The journey to entrepreneurship is faimg_6598r from a walk in the park, but with supportive colleagues with like-minds as your own, it could be very well worth it. Creative Circle Co. set out to inspire others to fulfill their purpose, but inform them that they do not have to be alone if they wish not to be. It never hurts to ask for help, or compliment others on the work that they are accomplishing thus far. Combs encourages women to, “know your neighbor and break out of your shell.” You could just so happen to make a smashing idea when you collaborate. By networking and sharing your ideas you can realize areas of weakness and strengths that you may have not noticed. With entrepreneurship comes hardships, but there is a community out there waiting to embrace, uplift, and inspire you.

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