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[Intern Tales] Excursions in Ecuador with Daijah PT. 1

Hey guys!

Its your SOA storyteller, Daijah! I am so excited to be studying abroad in Ecuador this May. Join me as I get prepared for this trip of a lifetime! I will be working as a public relations aid for non-profits in three different cities located throughout the country.

Meetings – “What to expect”

My group and I held several meetings before departing for Ecuador. We discussed many things from packing essentials to things to do once we got there. Being that Ecuador is far different from America, we had to talk about many of those differences and what to expect once we arrive. I was told that the streets aren’t paved and many people drive on the opposite sides of the road in order to get where they needed to go, so watch out! I also learned that Ecuador just experienced a major earthquake. Fortunately, the earthquake did not effect the cities we’ll be staying in, but we can still expect to see some aftermath as far as a greater population of people in the neighboring cities.

Vaccinations and doctor visits

Luckily my immunizations were all up to day, so no shots! Yay! The doctor was very sweet and basically gave me more information about Ecuador. I learned that they are at a higher altitude, so I need to be ware of altitude sickness. I have to wear long sleeves because of the high population of mosquitos. Mosquitos in Ecuador are said to be carrying the Zika visious so we have to be very careful. Luckily, they don’t travel up to higher altitudes, so we should be fine!

Shopping for Essentials 

Unfortunately, I hate to shopping for things that I need so this one was tough. I had to make sure I have enough long sleeves and pants for the trip. I always HAD to have mosquito spray with DEET in it, apparently its the best around.

International Phone Plan

Georgia State was gracious enough to pay for an international phone plan. We ordered our sim card through an international phone service site and they mailed us our SIM cards within the week. We only have about 30 minutes a day to use up, which will be nice because we only need to make calls while working on site at the non-profit. Our other calls and messages will be made using Wi-Fi and the hotel and other restaurants that offer internet.


The toughest part for me. I am a notorious over packer, like most of us, so its pretty hard for me to pack concisely. Luckily, we are allowed two suitcases and a carry on! I have all of my necessities so I am sure I can make this work.  Check out this cool video on how to pack a carry-on for 30 days! Im definitely taking notes!

All Aboard!

And we’re off! Everyone has shown up to the international wing of the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta airport in preparation to take off. Our flight to Ecuador will be about 5 hours and I am prepared to take a nice, long nap until we arrive.



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