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[Intern Tales] Excursions in Ecuador PT. 3: Soak Up the Culture


Its my second week in Ecuador and I am so sad to see it coming to an end. For my second week, my group and I have traveled to a city called Cuenca. It was a bout a 35 minute flight from Guayaquil, but it would’ve taken hours to drive because Cuenca is a small city nestled in the mountains. It is situated at almost 9,000 feet about sea-level. Cuenca and Guayaquil is like night and day. The people are different, the food, and just the all around cultures are different. Guayaquil for me personally, gave New York City vibes, while Cuenca gave a more Los Angeles type of feel. I like them both for separate reasons.


Guayaquil was notorious for street food. On almost every corner you could find empanadas, a fruit stand, or a restaurant that served some type of rice and beans medley. The food was pretty cheap. All my meals were between $1-$5, which made me a happy camper.

Cuenca’s was less cultural, having restaurants of all kinds on every street. There were so many types of food to choose from, which made me happy, because I love to switch it up. They had Italian, Greek, Chinese (which they call “Chifa”), American, and of course their main type of Ecuadorian food. The food in Cuenca is a little more expensive. I believe it has to do with the dining asIMG_6376pect of eating in the city. The best part of my day in Cuenca was choosing which new restaurant I’d like to try.

I love that all the foods were fresh and I could really taste the difference. I loved being able to walk outside of my hotel and grab a piece of fruit from a sweet older lady that was walking down the street.



Things to Do and See:

So much to see, so much to do, so little time. Thats how I felt while navigating through Ecuador. In Guayaquil, I found myself on Malecon, a boardwalk that overlooked the river. The views were endless. At the end of Malecon lied Las Penas, another famous landmark in Guayaquil. Its a small town the sits on a hill that has small shops, restaurants, and bars. It took going up about 400 stairs to reach the stop, but the views were so worth it. IMG_6499

Cuenca offered something similar to Las Penas. In the center of the city, Calle Larga, was a very long street filled with restaurants, shops, and bars. The city was surrounded by beautiful , big churches, something Cuenca is famously known for. Since the city is surrounded my mountains, it was only right that we went hiking to the infamous “Death Swing”. This is a swing that sits up about 8,000 feet high and overlooks the city. It cost $2 to get on, but I bravely went for it. Strapped in really tight, I counted to three, then took over. The scariest part, was letting go, after that I felt nothing but ease as I swung over the city of Cuenca. IMG_6485


I kind of feel like my group and I partied a little more than we worked, which was the main reason we were in Ecuador. I’d like to think that we worked smart and partied hard, because our clients thought we did a great job.

Las Penas: After visiting so many times during the day, Friday night finally came, and we saw everyone come out for a good time once the sun went down. The bars turned into clubs and they all played reggaeton, which has become a new favorite of mine.

IMG_6505Loas: Is a club in Cuenca, which reminded me of Atlanta’s infamous Compound, or something very similar. The club was filled with people, all dancing in their sections of the dance floor. Lights were flashing everywhere, smoked filled the air, and shot glasses were all over. I felt like I was back in my city, just on a different side of town. Needless to say, I was ready to go, because I hate the club! LOL It was a very fun experience though, especially with the reggaeton going. People sure love to dance in Ecuador, which made me very happy to see.

Bars: All the bars were pretty much the same in my eyes. Like most cities I’ve been too, the bar serves as an alternative to the club. Alot of people go to have a more chill night, but it still can get crazy in my opinion. The dr
ink specials were AWESOME. Every night was 3 drinks for the price of 2… and each drink ranged from $3-$5… you do the math! 🙂

Im definitely enjoying my final days in Ecuador and I will continue to soak everything up until my flight, next Monday.

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