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[Intern Tales] Excursions in Ecuador PT. 2 Where to Stay


Daijah here to give you all the in’s and out’s of where to stay in Ecuador. So far I’ve been in Guayaquil, Ecuador for my first week in this country. The city of Guayaquil is a very interesting place. Everyone moves very fast and of course very little to no English is spoken. I would say its a culture shock, but oddly I feel very comfortable here.

Speaking of comfort, the hotels here are pretty nice. My first night in Ecuador we had a very long layover in Quito. We stayed at the airports brand new Wyndham hotel. Everything was super plush and set the bar very high for the hotel’s in Guayaquil. The view from my room was quite amazing which made me want to stay in Quito for more than for a night.

IMG_6283       IMG_6352


My first day in Guayaquil was very hot. The hotel was no where near as nice as the one in Quito, but it was still fine. The name of my hotel was The Park Hotel which stood right next to the infamous “Parque Seminario” which is a park that is notorious for the multiple Iguanas that walk around as if they were squirrels in America. I personally wasn’t a fan, but the experience was definitely one for the books! Here’s a picture of my hotel below!


IMG_1268  IMG_6030

I wouldn’t call The Park Hotel my absolute favorite hotel to stay while in Guyaquil, but I wouldn’t call it my least favorite. I would recommend the Unipark Hotel which is on the same block as The Park Hotel.  I would also recommend some super cool Airbnb’s that I found while being here. A huge tip would to be having basic Spanish skills just to be able to ask the right questions and get from place to place with ease.




Adios for now!




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