TEA TIME! 4 Delicious and Healthy Teas to try!

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TEA TIME! 4 Delicious and Healthy Teas to try!

I’ve never been much of a coffee drinker. In fact, I’ve only tried coffee a couple times and they were all pretty much because of my friends begging me to try their cool, new drink. Besides its soothing smell, coffee didn’t do the trick for me. I love tea because of its versatility. It can be a bit bitter, sweet, fruity, or minty, just to name a few styles. I love being able to dress it up or dress it down depending on my tastes buds. It can be very light in taste, like a glass of water, or very bold like a fresh fruit juice. I think I love tea the most because of the additives. Lemon, honey, and mint are my ultimate go-tos, and they do nothing but add to the plentifully health benefits tea already offers. Here are some of my favorite teas to drink from my favorite, local tea shop, Just Add Honey, downtown Atlanta.

Black Tea – Georgia Peaches  georgia_peaches_large

With its minimal amount of caffeine, black tea is a nice alternative to your regular cup of Joe. Tea leaves are all natural and gives energy boost, minus the jitters. Georgia Peaches is a nice balance of peach and cinnamon. I personally like it iced, but steaming hot is perfect too! Black tea is great for your oral health, your heart, and it helps prevents cancer.

Green Tea – Jasmine

Green tea is a more popular style of tea these days. It known to burn fat and protect your brain as you grow older. Jasmine tea is a very refreshing tea that is pretty subtle, but sweet. jasmine_large

White Tea – Papaya Ginger

White tea is very similar to green tea with its health benefits. Its great for weight loss and helps maintain good overall health, and its great for skin. Papaya ginger is one of my favorites from Just Add Honey because of its fruity flavor. papaya_ginger_large

Herbal – Mint to Be

Herbal teas are a great quick fix in my opinion. Whenever I have a cold or just need to get some sleep I make a nice pot of herbal tea to get me through. Herbal teas are great for common colds and lowering blood pressure. Mint to Be is my all time favorite! Its minty and sweet just how I like my tea. I literally just add honey, and Im all set!mint_to_be_loose_large


You can visit Just Add Honey at their new location at the Sweet Auburn Market on Edgewood Avenue in downtown Atlanta. They offer countless white teas, black teas, herbal teas and fruit teas that will surely have you passing up your favorite coffee shop. They also have fresh baked goods just incase your tummy needs some TLC.


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