Happy Earth Day!

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Happy Earth Day!

Here are 7 Ways you can effortlessly help save the environment while doing your daily routine.

Use a Revolving door

A lot of establishments have gotten with the revolving door trend. As a kid, I used to think they were super cool, so I’d use them more than necessary, but who knew I was helping conserve energy while doing so. By using a revolving door, you are cutting out a significant cost of heating and cooling for the building.

Bike to work

If you live fairly close to your job, why not walk or ride a bike? Its a cool way to arrive to work and you’ll be helping the environment in the mean time. You’re saving money on gas and you’re likely to avoid traffic and all of the other drama that comes with cars. If you’re worried about being sweaty once you arrive to work, pack a change of clothes. Consider your commute to work as your morning workout.

Reduce, Reuse, RECYCLE.

Recycling your cans can save enough energy to have your television running for up to three hours. So the next time you chug down your favorite drink, don’t throw it away… Recycle it!

Plant a tree!

One of the more popular Earth Day activities is to plant a tree. Trees help provide homes for wildlife, help recycle water and they help filter pollution from the air. It’s a pretty simple task, but the impact it has on the environment is tremendous.

Turn off the sink

When you’re washing the dishes or brushing your teeth, make an effort to turn off the sink when you’re not using it. This cuts back on your water use and can really go a long way with its environment impact.

Pick up Litter

You see it all the time (hopefully not too much) but there’s trash all around unfortunately. Make an effort to pick up someone’s slack and pick up the litter and place it in it’s rightful place. If you really want to take an extra mile, recycle all the items that can be recycled.

Go Paperless

In this new technological age, you can do just about everything online. Make an effort to pay your bills online instead sending in a check or paying with cash. You can save on paper and also save the trees.
Earth day should honestly be everyday, but since it gets its’ recognition in April, why not take part in the special day. We only get one Earth, so lets make an effort to keep it clean!

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