Event Ideas for Your Birthday Bash!

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Event Ideas for Your Birthday Bash!

Calling all Spring Babies! A new year has crept up on you, and that’s okay! Birthdays can bring stress with trying to round up your friends, picking a place to party, and funds. Redundant birthday dinners are getting a little played out, and who wants the drama of separate checks? Here are some fun ideas to bring in your birthday this year, and if you’re a spring or summer baby, you’re in luck because the weather will hopefully be on your side.

Bar Crawl

Areas like Buckhead, Edgewood, and Peter’s street are notoriously popular for being the go-to places for the Atlanta party scene. Round up a few friends and get ready for a great time!



Rent a Cabin

This could get a little pricey, but not if you have a big group of friends. Round them, drive up to Blue Ridge with your snacks and let the secluded party begin. Cabins can be very fun with its seclusion and all. You all can take a dip in the lake, go on a hike, or just sit out and soak up the






Party in the Park0d049eeb8c5e8ca6247fe3d4d7db9c84

With the weather getting better as we’ve entered Spring, the park is a great way to host a nice, chill birthday party. Tell all your friends the location and to bring their blankets and fun games. Don’t forget the booze!






747d410c30ddd724cf001f2f593a4129Party Bus 

How cool would it be to ride in a party to a party? If you think that’s an awesome idea, then you should get a party bus. Have everyone pitch in for the mega-ride and you guys will be all set.





df9c78ef3c698dd7a1d08b500f3c22f3Road Trip

Pick a city and take a friend to a nearby city you’ve never been before or you’ve might’ve been before and sight see. Try a new restaurant in a different city and have a happy birthday!


Birthdays CAN be stress free, and hopefully these ideas will help ease the pressure. If all else fails, go to a nice spa! Nothing screams “Its my birthday” more than a nice, full day of pampering.

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