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The Gift of Giving: How Can you give this Thanksgiving

November is a month that many people cherish the most because you get to spend it with your love ones. Lets not forget the amazing food, holiday movies, or songs. A time that consists of wonderful memories. This is a month  full of joy and laughter but also sorrow and pain. Unfortunately some people are forced to spend November without their loved ones, others have no choice since they are living in and out of their car, and some parents cannot even provide for their children. This may not be the circumstances of all but it is for most. This November, assist others by making this November one they will not want to forget.

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  1. Sponsor a Family: Create a  basket full of items that you usually have for Thanksgiving. This basket can include food, warm clothes, and blankets. One this basket contains all of the necessities for November, give it to a family in need.
  2. Volunteer at Church: Various churches are having events held for the less fortunate. Churches tend to have a day dedicated to feeding the community. Become a volunteer by distributing food, organizing, and cleaning.
  3. Hold a Can Food rive: If you are a student or an employee start your own can food drive. Collect the cans from your peers and co-workers. After you receive a great amount be sure to distribute the collected items throughout shelters and non-profit organizations.
  4. The Atlanta Food Bank:  This place is famous for helping others year round and most importantly around the holidays. So many individuals get depressed and saddened around this time because they lack the resources to celebrate this holiday. Help create Thanksgiving food boxes for the less fortunate.
  5. Hosea Feed The Hungry: This is another popular place that contributes to the needs of others year-round. Assist in feeding the homeless.
  6. Participate in a charity walk/run: Raise money for individuals who can not afford to have a thanksgiving this year by participating in a organization walk or run.
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