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DIY’d It! How to Make a Quote Jar for Daily Inspiration

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Have you ever heard the saying “inspiration is all around you?” Well that’s because it is true. During the summer, I had the opportunity to intern with Breakthrough Atlanta. Within this internship, interns were required to participate in a secret buddy exchange. As a secret buddy my responsibilities consisted of inspiring and motivating my assigned co-worker anonymously. Long story short, my secret buddy surprised me with one of the best gifts that I am currently still using while in college, a quote jar.  This jar was filled with inspirational, humorous, serious, and motivational quotes that enabled me  to get through my days of work and now school! Commonly on social media, Telivision shows like “Being Mary Jane,” and song lyrics we often hear and see amazing quotes that we immediately connect with. Get inspired by keeping track of your favorite quotes through the creation of a quote jar!


Jar or Glass Cylinder


Construction Paper



Step 1:  Fold your construction paper hot dog style! On each side write your favorite quotes, mantras, and inspiring song lyrics. Think of at least 20. Be sure to leave enough space between each quote.

Step 2: Cut along the crease. Once the paper is cut in half cut each quote out in the forms of a rectangle.

Step 3:  Take your jar or container and fill it with marbles.

Step 4: Place your quotes inside the jar.

Now that you have completed the jar think of the best place to put it. Whether it is your nightstand, dresser, bathroom counter, or desk be sure to pull a quote from the jar daily. These quotes will cheer you up through a rough day or just give you a boost of energy when needed!


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