10 Reasons Why you should be Thankful this Thanksgiving

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10 Reasons Why you should be Thankful this Thanksgiving

It is often that we ponder on the things we need or have yet to receive. It also common that we wait until Thanksgiving to acknowledge the things we are thankful for. If we take a look around our daily lives and even the entire world there are countless things we are blessed and thankful for. This includes waking up, having shelter, being employed, having food, and even freedom of speech. This may sound very simple but to some this is the complete opposite. It may come as no surprise that people are fighting to wake up, collecting money to eat, or begging for basic human rights. This thanksgiving lets be mindful that we are thankful everyday and be aware of our blessings.


  1. Thankful for Life: If you turn on the news you will notice someone dying every minute. Between injustice crimes, war, and famine people are dying continuously. Lets not take every breath for granted but instead cherish it.
  2. Thankful for Family &Friends: You know how the saying goes; good friends are hard to come by. Well this is also true for family. Over the years as we mature, we grow apart from some and grow closer to others. Lets be grateful for those who have and continues to play a major role in our lives.
  3. Thankful for Mentors: We can all attest to having that one lost period of our lives. You may have questioned your journey and purpose. You had absolutely no clue where you  would end up. But that one person came into your life and guided you and enabled you to start making better choices. Lets be thankful for those mentors and role models who have helped paved the way.
  4. Thankful for Knowledge: Knowledge comes in all shapes and forms. Most will automatically think of school or their job but honestly knowledge surrounds us. Lets be thankful for always having the opportunity to learn about ourselves, others, and life. Through television, books, music, people, food, and culture the cycle is never ending and beautiful because we are never limited to the power of knowledge.
  5. Thankful for You: How many times do you forget to thank yourself for being you? This may sound funny initially. But think about it. No one has your back like you do! You are forever evolving, so thank yourself for being strong, dedicated, and most importantly for being you.
  6. Thankful for Life Essentials: I am sure your favorite stores will be having plenty of sales after Thanksgiving! But do not get to rowdy if you do not get what you were going for because you essentially been blessed with all you need. Take time to stop and examine how much you already have. Be thankful for your clothing, shoes, food, and shelter. Therefor, next time you go shopping avoid becoming anxious and remember how thankful you are because you already have everything your really need.
  7. Thankful for Experiences: Take a moment to reflect on your life thus far. There have been a dozen of experiences that you probably thought were going to prevent your from succeeding. Truthfully these experiences have helped mold you into the person your becoming. Do not complain about those past experiences but be thankful for them and actually hope for more.
  8. Thankful for Inspiration: Some seek inspiration from religion, a god, mantras, mediation, people and etc. As simple as it may sound some people never feel inspired. Lets be thankful for the things or people that continue to inspire us.
  9. Thankful for Opportunities: Have you traveled the world? Seen your favorite artist in concert? Met someone amazing? Life is about taking every opportunity. There are so many people who are restricted from opportunities that we consider very small. Lets be thankful for the endless opportunities that constantly surround us.
  10. Thankful to be able to say “I’m Thankful:” Many people cannot utter the words “I am Thankful.” Lets be thankful for the following list; it has influenced and enabled us to say the words “I’m Thankful!”

-Happy Thanksgiving

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