Tailgating the Soa Way: Cool and Cute ways to Celebrate your Favorite Team!

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Tailgating the Soa Way: Cool and Cute ways to Celebrate your Favorite Team!


Football season has finally arrived which totally means you should RISE UP! Who am I kidding? Even if you are not an Atlanta Falcons fan I guess you still deserve to get a little excited for your favorite team. Tis the season of NFL football, college football, and high school football because it is an exciting season filled with an amazing atmosphere you would not want to miss. But what contributes to this overall greatness is tailgating which, gives you and other fans the opportunity to “turn up” and go hard for your ultimate favorite team. Essentially, tailgating is a quick and exciting way to celebrate but this year The Soa Brand will teach you how to improve your tailgating with a little bit of “Soa’s” expertise:

Fashion: Team spirit is common amongst majority of fans. People commonly wear their teams paraphernalia and or face paint but you never see the nails. This is not only a different option but a cute and creative way to display and express your love for your favorite team.



Drinks: What is a tailgate without drinks? Lets get creative and not only make a beverage but also place it in mason jars.  It may seem like a lot initially however, this is actually very resourceful. Mason jars will allow you and others to continuously refill your beverage.

mason jars

Food: Tailgating should never be difficult and stressful but always quick and easy. Often times individuals select to serve finger foods during tailgate. Sticking to finger foods are essentially the best option because  you have unlimited choices.  Often times people serve spinach dip, nacho dip, sandwiches, meatballs, and etc. Although this is “easy” the key to serving finger foods is presentation.



Sweets: The Soa Brand is all about detail! Lets get creative and turn strawberries into footballs. It is very simple! Dip them in chocolate and add the finishing touch of a football. Additionally, if you would like to support your team even more, another option would be to cover the strawberries in white chocolate. Then sprinkle them in your team colors. What a delicious way to show your team spirit?


Games: As much as we all hate to admit it, not every “fan” knows football! No, it does not mean your a terrible fan. Football is just not the easiest sport to comprehend for some. With this being said, create a game station that will keep these fans occupied. Even during halftime, this is a great opportunity to keep the high energy and spirit.



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