The Key to a Successful Watch Party

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The Key to a Successful Watch Party


Anxious, curious, and excited are some of the few feelings that come to mind when we think of some of our favorite television series such as, SCANDAL, Greys Anatomy, How to Get Away With Murder, and Empire, premiering this fall. There has never been a time after the show where I have not called a friend to have a recap. This fall, instead of sparking conversation about these phenomenal shows amongst your Twitter timeline, Facebook feed, Instagram or text messages, think about hosting a watch party.  Before bringing these lively conversations off your social media into your home here are a few tips to hosting a successful watch party:

Invite Only: Be mindful that this is one of your favorite shows as well as the individuals hat you are inviting. Therefore, keep the invite limited in order to have an intimate yet friendly space. Do not broadcast your watch party over social media however, text those who are invited. The worse watch party is when you can never  watch the show due to an over capacity watch party!


 Location: Essentially the location should be selected based on the amount of your guest. Keep the same perception in mind for when you are alone watching your television shows. Space, comfort, and relaxation, are key factors in selecting a location. Opening your home is always a great idea because it is intimate, closed space, and affordable.

peach moscato wine slushies

Food & Beverages: During a watch party you are not expected to prepare a full dinner but there should be enough to keep one satisfied. Create a Food and Drink Bar! Prepare or purchase finger food such as wings, spinach artichoke dip, meatballs, fruit, cookies and other sorts of party food. But what is a party without drinks? Create a tasteful yet eye-catching drink. This is a great soother for your guest during suspense or dramatized scenes. Your guest may become rowdy or excited throughout certain scenes of the show therefor, keep your guest occupied with a tasty drink.

Sound: Invest in some speakers. They will expand the sound of the television shows. Depending on the number of guest it is essential that everyone can listen and watch the show without any distractions or interruptions. This will provide a louder sound and ensure that everyone will be able to hear.


 Décor: Remember that you are inviting others to come and join to watch the show with you rather than them actually staying in their bed. Although the watch party is at your home make an effort to create a different vibe. Creating a homey and relaxed atmosphere is great but don’t be hesitant to go the extra mile to add to the scenery. You don’t have to do much. In fact, light a few tea candles, make sure the food and beverage bar looks appealing, have nice pillows and blankets available for your guest.

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