Summer Body Upkeep: How to Continue your Healthy Journey through a Busy Schedule?

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Summer Body Upkeep: How to Continue your Healthy Journey through a Busy Schedule?

Living a healthy life is essential but if we are being realistic it is very difficult to achieve and upkeep. Everyday duties such as going to work, school, or making dinner often keeps us away from continuing the healthy journey that once existed in the summer. We often scroll down celebrities and trainers social media’s and ask ourselves what could they possibly be doing to stay fit? Honestly, we cannot continue to compare our healthy life style to individuals who have a work out schedule laid out for them. Instead, it is time that we examine our daily schedules and figure out what is the best way to obtain a healthy journey through our hectic schedules:


  1. Write out your daily schedule

A common excuse that prevents most individuals from having a healthy lifestyle is being busy. Take time to write out your daily schedule. When writing out your schedule be sure to include every detail of your day. This will not only allow you to see your schedule first hand but also see your own availability. You may even notice some breaks in your day that you never knew existed!

  1. Discover the type of workouts you enjoy

Working out does not only take place in the gym! Believe it or not it actually varies. Some individuals prefer to go into the gym while others enjoy playing their old high school sport. In order to appreciate and take this journey seriously you have to discover what you love to do. It might be playing tennis, jogging around a park, or joining an adult kickball team. Once you discover what you love to do this will essentially make your workout enjoyable.

  1.  Make your journey apart of your everyday life

As previously mentioned living a healthy lifestyle goes beyond the gym it additionally includes a healthy mind, body, and spirit. In order to upkeep this journey one must make this a routine. Even if you are not working out everyday start making healthy choices. This includes preparing  balanced meals for lunch. When you get a break throughout the day take a minute to read, meditate, or  do yoga. Another option may be to journal in your spare time. All of the following keeps you mentally, physically, and spiritually healthy!

  1. Think Positive

Unfortunately, it is easy to get discouraged and get off track during your healthy journey. However, one must remember that this  does not happen over night. Refrain from being so hard on yourself and be aware that everyone’s journey is different. Turn on your favorite song, watch your favorite movie, or read your favorite quote and get encourged!

  1. Get others involved

Motivate and inspire  your friends and loved ones to join your healthy journey. As humans it is quite normal to seek support and motivation. It is also helpful to have others around you participating in similar tasks during this journey  because it serves as a reminder that you are not alone. Don’t be afraid to ask others to help you achieve a healthy lifestyle.

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  • Chelsea

    Great tips on ways to stay on your healthy journey! They gave me inspiration to keep striving towards my goals!

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