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Creative Ways to Give Back To Your Community

Giving back to local communities may be a great resume booster but is also an opportunity for you to brighten up someone’s day. Do you remember a day when it seemed as if nothing was going your way but something amazing happened and completely turned everything around? We commonly forget that on these rough days we actually had someone to help us out. It is time that we begin to acknowledge our blessings and start to bless those around us. There is always work to be done around our local communities. Overall, taking time out of the week to motivate and inspire others through service is a simple reminder that we are not living the hardest life but instead we are truly fortunate. Lets get creative with giving!


Teach the Community

We all have that one adult that we admire and seek advice from. Pay a visit to a elementary, middle, and or high-school in your area and share your experiences and knowledge with the youth. Speaking is a simple and authentic way to relate to your community. Schools and teachers are always seeking successful, wise, and intelligent adults who are relatable and who could also be a mentor students.

Speak out

 Clothe the Community

Before you even think about getting rid of all your out of season clothing, collect them! Call your friends and your loved ones and start a mini clothing drive within your own house. Once you have an ideal amount take the clothes you have collected to a local shelter or a church. Your clothes can be someones new wardrobe.
Collect clothes

Coach the Community

Share your talent with the community.  Take time to reflect on what you enjoy doing. If you love coking, dancing, or playing a sport, coach a local team or start your own league/org. This is always a fun way to share your passion while also helping individuals project their craft.

Coach the Community

Assist the Community

Recognize the individuals throughout the community who occasionally need extra assistance. For instance, the elderly, veterans, and disabled individuals. Though they may not experience hardships within certain tasks, they too deserve a break. Be a lending hand by helping them perform  daily task in which includes mowing the lawn, preparing a meal, or cleaning.


Improve the Community

Gather your fiends and loved ones up to beautify the community. Visit your local library, park, or any other local facility and clean up the environment. In addition, plant trees and flowers in order to add some flare.


Feed the Community

Non-Profit organizations such as Hosea Feed the Hungry, Atlanta Food Bank, and City of Refuge are always in need for volunteers. Their opportunities are endless and always pre-planned. From feeding the hungry, lending a hand in the kitchen, and sorting food boxes your assistance is needed.



Winston Churchill stated “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”

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