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Tick Tock! 10 Ways To Improve Your Time Management


Do you ever feel overwhelmed, stressed, or anxious because of a sudden change, different schedule, list of tasks, or uncompleted assignments? Do not panic, it is quite normal for one to lack a structured routine when that time of the year roles around. However, this August will be a breeze because you will have 10 tips on how to improve your time management. Although, most have heard this before, time management plays a major role in our daily lives. For example, scheduling a certain time to eat, watch your favorite show, and when to work out can be essential to time management. Believe it or not, time management contributes to a healthy, balanced, positive, and peaceful life.

  1. Use a calendar or agenda: Sometimes, seeing an actual schedule or list of things we need to accomplish is better than keeping it inside your head. There are times when we get so busy or tired that we forget to complete certain tasks. A simple way to avoid this mistake is to write every thing down on a calendar or in a personal agenda. If you are more tech savy don’t worry! Google calendar, an app called asana, or notes can be your best friend.
  1. Set your alarm: Creating multiple alarms for each task may sound like a lot however, it enables you to remember your schedule. There are days when we become so wrapped up that we forget to get a meal! With this being said, use your alarm for simple reminders. For instance, at “12:30 Go Eat Lunch” “2:00 Go Meet Mom.” These alarms can make your day run smoothly and also improve timeliness!
  1. Find a balance: You are new to this job or college lifestyle and can not seem to find balance in your social life, completing work, or just having some quality me time. Make a list of what is most important and least important. This will allow you to prioritize as well as get into the gist of your new life. It may seem very difficult at first but by the second week it will become second nature.
  1. Avoid procrastination: So you have a calendar, agenda, alarm, and a list but procrastination is still holding you back. Devon Franklin once said, “don’t let procrastination keep robbing you!” Although, working at the last minute is helpful for some always try to stay on a specific schedule.
  1. Make time for yourself: We work and study so much that we do not even realize we are not taking time out for ourselves. In order to prevent stress we must discover what makes us feel relaxed, happy, and peaceful. Whether it is at the end of the week or middle, take time for your self by meditating, watching your favorite show, or going to a great restaurant.
  1. Set a vision/goal: Have an idea of how much you want completed. Stephen Covey stated “Begin with the end mind.” Meaning you should establish a goal or vision in the beginning and apply it to every task throughout the day.
  1. Work ahead: Getting a head start on your assignments is never a bad idea. Remember sometimes life happens and everything is out of our control.
  1. Establish a working zone: Working zones are places were you complete your work best. Zones may vary form the library, bedroom, lounge or office. This zone is were you feel most relaxed and driven to complete your tasks or work for the day.
  1. Discover what keeps you on task: Working in silence may be the key to a productive working day for some. On the other hand, others might enjoy listening to music, watching TV, or snacking. Discover what keeps you on task yet will not distract you.
  1. Live a healthy, balanced, positive, and peaceful life: Time management is a common struggle that we all share. But we should not allow the amount of work to keep robbing the way we live day to day. Try your best to apply the following steps to your daily life in which, you can improve your lifestyle!





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  • Drew Cudjoe

    Great post! Definitely going to keep all these tips in mind while going back to school this semester! Always looking for better ways to improve 🙂

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