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Fall Cleaning Hacks: Tips to Get Rid of Unused Items

With the fall quickly approaching you are probably wondering how to clear out your closet space for a new wardrobe or how to get rid of the dull decorations in your living space. Our first instinct immediately tells us to get rid of these items because they no longer serve a purpose in our life. Unfortunately, these items are usually not even older than a year or two. Although, these items may seem useless there are various ways that you can get rid of these items before going straight to the garbage.

 Social Media

Social Media is always perfect for branding or capturing amazing moments but it can also be beneficial when getting rid of unused items. The average amount of followers a person has on Instagram is 843. Out of 843 followers 30 people are bound to be interested in what you are selling. It is just as simple as taking a selfie! Just capture the item that you would like to sell and include a catchy caption.


Have you ever bought something that was expensive but eventually became useless? Ebay is a popular site for individuals to sell their belongings. Selling your items on Ebay is definitely a profitable situation because you can earn the money that you originally spent.


There are always individuals in your local community that can benefit from items that you no longer use. Goodwill is a community-based organization in which focuses on providing the needs for others. Giving back to your community is both resourceful and beneficial to others. Remember, “give and you shall receive.”

 Consignment Shops

In similarity to Ebay, consignment shops are a great way to earn money back from your items. As mentioned previously, majority of your items are probably no older than a year. Consignment shops are always a clever option. They usually take designer clothing, bags, and shoes. Once you bring your items to a consignment shop they will observe each potential item and tell you its value. Afterwards, you and the shop will decide what they can have and you will immediately receive a certain percentage.


Many churches have ministries focusing on clothing the homeless or those simply in need. If you are on your way to church one morning, just grab your unwanted items and donate them to the church. This is both convenient and a blessing to others.


Shelters can never receive too many clothes, shoes, or housing items. The main goal of a shelter is to provide a living space and comfort for individuals. Individuals who seek shelter are occasionally jobless, homeless, pregnant teens, and single parents. It is common for these individuals to lack the resources that we have.

Household items can be a bit more challenging than clothes. Of course you can have a yard sale or take some of the items to some of the places above. However, you can also experiment and get creative with certain household items. the great thing about household items it that they can have  multiple purposes than what you originally purchased them for.

Here are some creative D.I.Y projects that will allow you to reuse some of your favorite household items: 


Give your plain white faces some life!


Make your old baskets an organizer for towels!


Make an old picture from into a key holder!


Create a mail organizer out of an old shutter or door!

For more D.I.Y ideas visit The Soa Brand Pinterest page. In addition always look up local donation stores, consignment shops, or shelters to give away used or unused items!


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