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Dorm Room Décor: How to make your dorm SOA ready on a budget

From selecting a color scheme, to decorations, and even a comforter set, I found it extremely difficult as a freshman to remain in a decent price range when shopping for my dorm. Although, you are given various graduation gifts such as money and gift cards , most students typically spend those monetary items instead of saving them. Luckily, there are numerous options to ensure that you are decorating your dorm on a budget as well as the SOA way.

Stores: When shopping for your dorm it is essential that you know which stores to shop in. Typically Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, TJ Max, Ikea, and Marshalls cater their stores to college students during the summer time. In addition, to comforters they carry amazing decorations, which include flowers, glass/plastic vases, lamps, and rugs. While there prices are great some stores such as target have their own app called “cartwheel” where shoppers can get an additional off certain purchases. Furthermore, DON’T forget about storage space. Believe it or not, your dorm will not be as large as your bedroom at home so always invest in bens, plastic drawers, containers and etc. The Container Store, Wal-Mart, and Goodwill are great stores for inexpensive containers.

Summer Jobs: I know you are probably wondering why summer jobs would be on here. But as a recent high school graduate or college student it is common for students to work over the summer. It is important to remember that you will be a college student therefore, I recommend to take a reasonable amount out of every paycheck and deposit it into your savings account. Therefore, as the end of the summer approaches you will have a great amount to contribute to your dorm shopping. Moreover, you will have wonderful practice with saving money!

Color Schemes: Although budgeting is essential selecting the perfect color scheme is too! As an incoming freshman, students want pretty much everything they lay their eyes on. This is very understandable, however you must remember that you want your dorm to feel like home. When selecting decorations you want for your room to be homey yet chic instead of busy and loud. It is very easy to get carried away when fitting in color schemes so attempt to follow the following tips:

  • Select two to three colors to ensure versatile decorations
  • Select a color that you will enjoy waking up to
  • Remember that you may have a roommate so communicate and maybe correspond possible color schemes
  • Select a common color so that you can be resourceful and use some of the same decorations for the following year

DIY: Do it yourself is a unique yet cost efficient way to decorate your room. I have selected my favorite yet simple DIY options for college students, when decorating a dorm room:

Flower Monograms are a cute and creative way to spice up your room!


Photo Lines are a great way to incorporate family and friends photos instead of placing pictures in your average picture frame!

Mason Jars are extremely versatile when decorating.


Christmas lights are an easy way to incorporate great lighting within your room!

christmas lights

Overall, budgeting will always be important throughout your journey in college. Whether you are decorating a dorm or trying to pay for textbooks you should always remain mindful of the resources around you. Furthermore, I hope that the following tips were helpful and that your future dorm will be SOA ready.

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