10 Unexpected Ways to Make Someone Else’s Day

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10 Unexpected Ways to Make Someone Else’s Day

laughing; 10 ways to make someone else's day


Let’s go back to my Senior year of high school..

It was Character Education day when Mister Chick Fil-A himself came to my school- yes, Dan T. Kathy. I couldn’t believe how lucky my school was to be able to have such an admirable Leader talk to the entire Senior Class. I had been working for Chick Fil-A for a few years so it made it all the more special when Dan T. Cathy asked me to give his intro speech to the class. I was so honored. Mister Cathy gave a speech that morning that changed my life. He went on to talk about what it meant to show “good” character. He gave an extraordinary example of what it meant to show gratitude toward someone. He handed out pieces of paper towels to everyone and asked each of us to kneel down by someone. He then asked us to wipe that person’s shoes down. He began to explain what this act symbolized.

This act of gratitude was a beautiful interpretation of what Jesus did for his disciples at the Last Supper. Jesus expressed his love and appreciation for them by washing their feet.
This was an unexpected way of making someone’s day.

Because of the busy lives we all live, it gets hard to show people how much we appreciate them. But it’s definitely possible. It’s not about extravagance or gifts; it’s about compassion. So here are a few simple ways you can make someone else’s day:

1. Wash someone’s feet 
I know, I know- it WILL be weird (maybe gross) at first, but think happy thoughts! It’ll be over before you know it.

2. Give an encouraging word to someone
We all can use some encouragement. Sometimes that nice lady at the cash register needs a “good job”- give it to her.

3. Give a compliment
Be observant when you are meeting someone for the first time. Say something genuine and mean it.

Show that grill! Smiles go such a long way; they’re contagious.

5. Pay It Forward
If someone (especially a stranger) has ever payed for your lunch, you know it makes you feel some type of way. Do the same for someone else! And if you’ve never experienced such a nice gesture, don’t lose hope- your day is coming!

6. Run an errand for a friend
We all have those days where the thought of running ONE MORE errand may kill us. Do it for a friend. Heck, run that errand with them! Make a stressful car ride an adventure. Turn up some Taylor Swift and jam it out! A little quality time never hurt anyone.

7. Don’t boredom-scroll down your phone in public
Kim Kardashian probably hasn’t posted anything new since you last checked 14 minutes ago. And so what if she has, put your phone down and BE PRESENT.

8. Listen without giving advice
Sometimes people want to feel and not be fixed. Let them. I’m sure your friends will ask for advice if they want it.

9. Write someone a love letter
I don’t know about you, but heart and happy face emoji’s just don’t cut it for me anymore. Go the extra mile! Get personal and intimate for those you care about.

10. Love Yourself
Remember at the end of the day, you have yourself to think about. You’re worth a little TLC too! Not a little- a lot. So be kind to yourself- you deserve it!

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