How to be Great: Tips to Trust Your Dopeness

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How to be Great: Tips to Trust Your Dopeness


I get to meet and talk to a lot of people from different¬†backgrounds and walks of life. As a consultant, people entrust me with their dreams with the hopes that I can make them a great reality. I often talk to them about what they want to do, what are they doing, what have they done, and what do they plan to do in order to achieve these goals and reach whatever dream they are trying to reach. Plus remind them there is a budget attached to it and I’m here to help.

A simple question like, “what would you do if there were no limits,” leaves even the most successful stumped if they’ve never really taken the opportunity to think about themselves and what makes them great. Why are they of value to others?¬† I’ve found that so many people want to be great and do great things, but don’t know how. I’ve met some of the most amazing and interesting people who don’t even believe they are amazing and interesting! How do you not know that you’re dope?!

So here are my tips on

How to be great:
Step 1.
Identify the person you aspire to be.
Step 2.
Be strategic towards becoming that person
Step 3.
Believe you are that person. Exude greatness.
Step 4.
Be great no matter what others think about you.

Step 5.

Be great.

Yes. It’s pretty straight forward, but it’s the execution that gets most people.

It’s not the destination, it’s the journey…

Yeah. We know. It’s not about the load, it’s the way you carry it and all those other idioms we love. It’s also about your capability to show someone else how you did it.

Everyone has the opportunity to be great and do great things, you just have to believe in your dopeness and want to be around other really dope people.


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