#YourWeddingExperience (recap) plus our top 10 favorite moments

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#YourWeddingExperience (recap) plus our top 10 favorite moments

PLUS! Our top 10 favorite moments

Last week, Kayla and I had the opportunity to attend Your Wedding Experience presented by the one and only David Tutera – notable event, wedding, and design extraordinaire . It was hosted at the Georgia World Congress Center in the heart of downtown Atlanta on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. When we walked in, we were greeted by a host of people who helped us get our passes and enter the event.

When we entered, there was so many things to see. Now I haven’t been a bride for a few years now, but after meeting all the vendors and seeing the beautiful design, it MIGHT just be time for a vow renewal with hubby. Kayla was awestruck with all of the gorgeous table designs and the fun vendors.

Soa’s Top 5 Favorite Moments:

I’m not new to wedding expos, so it takes A LOT to get me excited. My goal for going was to meet new vendors for our latest brides and get inspired. Talk about inspiration!


5. I’m a stickler for beautiful design. As soon as you entered the expo space, all you say were gorgeous sweetheart tables and eye catching tablescapes. There were so many amazing table designs and displays at the event it inspired me to be creative and research new table displays. Everyone pulled out the stops. They were definitely Pinterest worthy!

4. Meeting Buddy Valastro of Cake Boss. He was as sweet as the immaculate cakes he creates. Although there was a crowd of people wanting to get their selfies in with the Cake Boss, he obliged and took a photo opp with me. I can now cross him off my event planner bucket list!

3. Meeting new vendors and running into old colleagues. When you’re in a particular industry for a while, you start seeing some of the same people at different events. It was really great to not only catch up with old colleagues but to gain some new ones as we continue to build the wedding side of the business.

2. Making jokes with David Tutera. No, Seriously! David and I have our own inside joke. *insert heart eyes emoji* Most event planners will tell you that it was David Tutera who was their original source of inspiration for getting into the business. He was super cool and has very smooth skin. I can finally check meeting him off my bucket list!

1. Having the opportunity to help my assistant grow in her career is my number one favorite memory. When I sent her the email that we would be going to this event, she called me almost in tears from sheer joy. Watching her make her own contacts and be inspired by the design was inspiring to me and the kind of culture I want to create at The Soa Brand. When she met David Tutera, it was like watching your child open up presents on Christmas. It was totally heartwarming.

Kayla’s Top 5 Favorite Moments:

5. The food samples were delicious. I enjoyed being able to taste the food that I could share with potential clients or friends.
4. Giveaways were a great way to keep the attendance up and help guests participate in the event by engaging and anticipating the actual surprise. It made me want to stay until the end.
3. The decor was exciting to see. It was my first wedding expo, so I didn’t know what to expect. Seeing the level of details each vendor added was inspiring.
2. The activations were perfect because they gave people something to look forward to. It wasn’t all just walking around and getting information but actually being able to a part of something. Whenever I feel included in an event, it makes me feel welcomed. A true feeling of hospitality. There were a variety of vendors to keep me occupied.
1. As a BIG fan of David Tutera, being able to see him interact during the fashion show was the highlight of my experience. That moment made the ENTIRE EXPERIENCE for me. It showed that he wanted to be a part of his event, not just behind the scenes but actually come out and share with everyone the moments that we were all experiencing for the day.

There you have it! Your Wedding Experience. An extravaganza of beautiful design, delicious food, fun activities, and your new girl friends! What do you look for when you go to a bridal expo? What’s your favorite parts?


Let us know in the comments!

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