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#WeddingStoriesWednesday: 10 Things to Know When Planning Your Wedding

If you follow us on Instagram (@thesoabrand), then you know we celebrate Wednesdays as #WeddingStoriesWednesdays. It’s the time of the week where we share inspiration for you to plan your wedding or simply to drool over things you want when that time does come. This week, we did things just a tad bit differently. This week, we are sharing our insight that can help you plan you wedding and hopefully take away some of those wedding day jitters. Make sure to follow us for more inspiration and read on for 10 things to know when planning your wedding.

Not deciding on a budget is like watching money fly out the window. I’ve consulted with my share of brides who when asked, “What’s your budget?” answered with “I don’t have one,” for fear of putting a price tag on the experience. Would you rather plan your wedding (or have your planner plan your wedding) knowing EXACTLY what you are willing to pay for or break the bank and maybe your heart with the exploding costs to get married? Thought so. Before you even pick your venue, you and soon-to-be hubby need talk and decide both what you want and what you want to spend.

Venues book quickly. Get yours ASAP! Whether it’s an event or a wedding, the place you host your experience is important to the type of day you want to have and the mood you want to create. Booking your venue early can be a HUGE sigh of relief. Venues tend to be at the top of the budget and can cause you to question what you really want. Be sure to research the region, city, and/or town you want to host your wedding and research with an open mind. New venues open often and draw brides in by offering deep discounts to their first set of clients. Some venues offer seasonal discounts and off day discounts, but you have to ask. Don’t find yourself in a nightmare because you went over budget securing your venue last minute.

It’s okay to have family and friends chip in if they have expertise, but they are not your slave. Naturally, during the wedding process your family and friends will want to pitch in to help you create an awesome celebration. A cute idea is to host a DIY party where you and your girls can get together and work on simple projects for the wedding; i.e. wedding programs, guest favors, cocktail samplings. A not cute idea is barking orders at them and whining about them not helping you. DON’T BE A ZILLA…(see number 9).

Don’t skimp on photos. I’ve heard of some brides opting to forego hiring a professional wedding photographer in favor of a less skilled acquaintance who happens to do photography as a hobby. For candid and behind the scenes shots, having said acquaintance work in conjunction with your hired professional is a good idea, but don’t skimp on the photos. There are an array of experienced photographers with a variety of price points for your budget. Many of them are willing to work with you if you simply ask.

Get creative. OH! the possibilities. Our Modern Gatsby wedding was full of creative surprises for her guests! She hired professional dancers who performed a routine inspired by the recent installment of The Great Gatsby. Her guests enjoyed making their own mimosas at the mimosa bar. She even got creative with the date by hosting her wedding on Sunday and serving brunch food…because that’s what we do in Atlanta, enjoy brunch on Sundays.At our wedding, hubby and I opted for a cupcake bar that allowed guests to choose their cupcake and build with their own toppings.  You can take notes and be creative with your own day. Areas that can use an injection of creative inspiration: your signature drink, guest favors, wedding games and activities, your bridal shower, dessert. 

Be resourceful and open minded. Nothing is set in stone. If there is something that was once a great idea, but you soon find out it’s not, don’t be afraid to search for an alternative. Your wedding planner is there to guide you through the planning process and help you seek options that are within your budget as well as in line with your vision. Don’t feel committed to something that you know deep down isn’t a good fit.

At the very least hire a day of coordinator. Do we really have to spell it out for you? Weddings can be some of the most joyful and exciting celebrations ever! However, planning those joyous occasions require a lot of work and know how. Planners have gained years of experience learning from the mistakes you could make simply because you didn’t know. Even if you plan your wedding, mostly by yourself, hire a day of coordinator to take the helm on your big day. Wouldn’t you rather worry about the best time to switch out of your heels than where and what your cater is doing? Hire the wedding coordinator.

Pinterest is your frenemy. One of our brides told us she had to get off of Pinterest because she kept stumbling on to projects she wanted to incorporate into her wedding. Although Pinterest has some AMAZING ideas and sources of inspiration, it can also make you feel like you don’t have a creative bone in your body. Too many times we’ve pinned excellent DIYs only to realize that the reality does not match the fantasy. Use Pinterest as a way to gather your ideas, create a mood, and do your research, but remember many of those DIYers are either paid to create those projects or have at least one extra set of hands to help.

No ‘Zilla Zone. NO ONE LIKES A ZILLA! You know that show Bridezillas? The show that chronicles the final days of a bride as she prepares to walk down the aisle? How many times have you tuned it to find out that at least one of the 5 women being interviewed was left at the alter? Don’t be that bride. Some times in life we don’t get our way and guess what? It’s okay. Maybe that thing was not meant for you. Don’t stress your ‘maids, parents, or your groom with your childish behavior because your roses were deep red instead of burgundy. With that said,…

RE-LAX. A wedding is ONE day. A marriage is forever. Have the celebration of a lifetime, but remember why you’re there.

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