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Event Story: My Fair Sweets x Sweetyville

Welcome to Sweetyville.com, the sugary lifestyle site of Jauntel Avetra — a 23 year old aspiring public relations professional from Atlanta by way of Miami, FL. Sweety, as she likes to be called, carved her place on the web so she could share the women who empower and inspire her. She shares her ‘Pretty Girl of the week” with the intention of showcasing that pretty doesn’t mean bitchy — a woman can own a business and be powerful without dragging other women down. Jauntel proves that she has a place among her pretty girls by launching her lifestyle apparel brand, Love Sweetyville. A vintage inspired resort collection with a modern twist.


We began this brand story by redeveloping sweetyville.com. It’s original message was confusing and didn’t quite carry the message of being inspiring, empowering, and a place to celebrate all things pretty in the life and times of Jauntel Avetra. We leaned on the creative vision of our digital strategist, who also redeveloped our site. He ensured that not only was sweetyville.com a hub for Jauntel to share her life and the people who inspire her, but also to ensure it was a great portal for people to enjoy the launch of her fasion line also titled Sweetyville.

We celebrated both the launch of the brand and the redevelopment of a site with an intimate soiree full of candid conversations, delicious cocktails, delectable bites, and a night of sweet elation.

In keeping with the overall motto of the brand, we partnered with celebrated confectioners lounge, My Fair Sweets located on Mitchell Street in the heart of the downtown Atlanta historic district. The area is being newly renovated and surrounded by nothing but full potential for the growth of other businesses. Sweetyville wanted to not only host an empowering celebration, but she wanted every aspect of the event to be filled with real women supporting other women. From one empowering women to another, we combined the two energies and came up with: My Fair Sweetyville.

Upon entering My Fair Sweets, you are greeted with a glistening crystal chandelier. Lining the register, you’ll find your mouth waters when you notice the pink dipped desserts with sprinkles lining the register. Jars decorated with hot pink satin ribbons and cursive pink writing tell you what the day’s sweet treats will be.


Because of the theme, My Fair Sweetyville and the celebration of sweet things, we designed a custom sweets bar. A black rosette tablecloth forms the based of tantalising dessert display. Candy in an assortment of flavors and styles scatter the table in an array of glass dishes. Guests got to their fill of Pink Sassy Suckers Striped Ball Lollipops , strawberries and cream taffy chews, and original Super Bubble bubblegum, Pastel Pink Milk Chocolate Milkies, and Raspberry Lemonade Dum Dum Lollipops. With the help of Prissy Sweet Cake Treats, we were able to further accent the table with Sweetyville’s personalized strawberry flavored cupcakes. Each cupcake had the Sweetyfille logo or paid homage to an inspiring African American starlet.



Guests mingled with cocktails and had the opportunity to support the launch of Sweetyville’s fashion line promoting Sweetyville’s slogan, “Pretty doesn’t mean bitchie.” Family and friends filled the venue and took pictures on the hand-crafted photo backdrop created with Graham and Brown luxury wallpaper designed with a stunning fuschia damask decal and a metallic gray background. Like Sweetyville’s creator, it was quite the showstopper.


After pictures and cocktails, Jauntel took to the floor and spoke to her guests. She read a letter that she wrote her 15 year old self. “I need you to make goals, have dreams, and don’t stop until you reach them! If you could see what I see, then you would know that anything you want out of life, along with hard work and determination, is never unattainable. I promise you the day you recognize your potential and understand your self-worth, is the day you will take over the world!”

Her words were both inspirational and motivational, applause filled the room once she finished her letter. As the event came to a close, guests began to indulge in the sweets bar – filling more than just their sweet tooth.

The event was a success as Jauntel was filled with her biggest supporters. Be sure to go check out Sweetyville.com and purchase your official Sweetyville merchandise.


Special thank you to all of the characters who made this story a success:

Venue | My Fair Sweets

Custom Cupcakes | Prissy Sweet Cake Treats

Graphic Design | Moze Print and Design

Photography | Dynasty Productions

Website & Brand Execution | CWesley & Co

Event Coordination | Kayla Heard, The Soa Brand

Brand Strategy | Shawntel White, The Soa Brand

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