5 Reasons the Summer is Hot for New Businesses

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5 Reasons the Summer is Hot for New Businesses

Using the summer to launch your business idea.

You wait all year for the summer to come around. The hustle and bustle that we are used to the entire year seems to slow down and get into a really nice groove. The kids are gone off to camp. Work isn’t as excruciating as normal. Constant thoughts of sitting on a far off beach amplifies with the daily beaming of the sun through the window. Yes. Summer is a great time to finally take a vacation, but it’s also a great time to get started on creating a business.

Check out five reasons you should start your business in the summer. You’ll be surprised what you can save on and the resources you can get!


Taking a class to learn a new skill is smart. Want to start a business, but afraid you don’t have the right skills to get started? Virtual schools like Linda or collaborative learning hubs like General Assembly provide courses taught by leading experts that will give you exactly want you’re looking for. Need to learn the basics of accounting? Or want to know the fundamentals of product management and design? These non-traditional learning portals help guide you through a multitude of business skills no matter what industry you want to be in. Craving something more traditional? Look into your local community college or university for continuing education courses that are a fraction of the cost of regular college tuition.

Stocking up on office supplies will save you moolah. My emails are FILLED with daily discounts from places like Office Max, Staples, and Hobby Lobby. If you’ve been waiting to get a new desk and re-design your home office or need to stock up on computer paper, now through September is the best time to do so. With schools coming back in to session in about 2 months, get your office supplies when they are the lowest!

There’s more time in your day to devote to your business. During the summer, the sun literally goes down well after 8PM. That gives you an additional 2-3 hours of extra sunlight. Take those hours of sunny bliss and meet with a potential partner, go to an event, or park it at a coffee shop to create a document or two.

Devote some vacation time to turning a hobby into a business. We spend the entire year at our corporate jobs to save up time for us to go on vacation from said corporate job. Why not use some of that vacation time to building a career you don’t feel like you want to vacation from.

The city is filled with networking events, conferences, and expos where you can meet clientele and make friends. There are a PLETHORA of events where you can meet all kinds of people. During the summer, you’ll find everything from pool networking parties to panel discussions to skill building events to conferences and expos. Make sure you are attending a handful a month to build your database and make some new business buds.


Now that you’ve launched your business, it’s time to hire someone to help you get it off the ground! Contact The Soa Brand for your business consulting needs!

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