After the Tassle Turns: Defining Your Career Goals Post Graduation

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After the Tassle Turns: Defining Your Career Goals Post Graduation

*signs up for Spotlight Programming Board, Event Coordinator for Softer Touch, and NAACP* -the average thoughts of a college student.


As a student, I was always taught to get involved on campus. “It’ll help you get to know other people. It will be beneficial post graduation,” said all my professors. So now that I’ve graduated, I have to say networking was probably one of my prized possessions once I was finished with my collegiate career



Being a part of organizations on campus definitely helped in my career goals post graduation. As a student, holding different positions were what helped me figure out if I really liked event planning, my career choice. I was able to network with different people who had insight to the industry. Not only did I network on campus but off as well. I landed my intern and apprenticeship position by just that.


Although blessed to be in the place that I am, it has not and still isn’t the easiest. I knew exactly what I wanted to do for the rest of my life when I entered college . I even went as far as starting my own event planning company. After a year on May 10th, I am just now finally getting into my industry. A couple of months ago, I became the Assistant Creative Director at The SOA Brand with my amazing mentor. Not only am I learning, from the inside how to run a business, but I am pushed to seek new levels of creativity and practice my storytelling (i.e this blog post…jk.) But seriously I am thankful.


I do wonder from time to time if this is what I am destined to do for the rest of my life because I have been exposed deeply to the music industry throughout my life and I am still apart of it at my other job today. The music industry keeps making its way back into my life even when I try my hardest to escape it.


If I could give soon to be graduates advice about the post graduation life, it would be this:

You may think you have everything planned out as I thought I did in school but you have no control over the journey you may take to get there.


Take on opportunities you may not think are beneficial and explore other fields that complement your overall goals


Most importantly trust that the obstacles you are experiencing are building you for whatever your career may end up being.


Defining your career is NEVER over until you are happy to wake up every morning and go do what you love to do.


-Best Wishes, A 2014 Spring Grad

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