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10 Tips to be Summertime Ready

It’s officially summer!!!!

Okay. Not quite officially, but the weather is warm consistently and the fever to be outside is high. One of the things I really enjoy about the summers in Atlanta are the parties. Whether it’s a roof-top soiree or a good ole fashioned backyard barbecue, it’s important to be ready for all the action to come.

10 Tips to be Summer Party Ready

1. Clean your grill. What is summer without a hot grill and the smell of charcoal? I never realized how filthy grills get until you realize the last time you used it was the end of summer of last year…yuck!Use baking soda to deodorize, scrub, and clean your grill and be sure to follow your grill’s cleaning instructions for optimal shine.

2. Get some landscaping done. Those brown patches aren’t working for your signature “unkept look.” The neighbors are judging you. Not everyone can afford a full service landscaper, but a simple trip to Home Depot, Lowe’s, or Ace can make all the difference. Find colorful, low maintenance flowers you can plant easily and don’t forget to water them plus your grass. Ask you local landscaper any questions or advice for a well manicured lawn.

3. Research all the local rooftop spots in the city. Atlanta is quickly becoming a rooftop city. Restaurants and clubs are popping up all over the city with the promise of being THE rooftop place to be. Nothing takes that glass of wine or whiskey on the rocks to the next level like a gorgeous evening view of your city skyline.

4. Create a summer events guide. We are just getting started in what is known as #festivalseason. Clothing companies have entire wardrobes dedicated to your favorite music, arts, and community festivals. Don’t be the coach potato watching everyone have fun on Facebook! GO OUT AND BE THE FUN! There’s too much to do to be stuck inside. Even if you work in a dungeon like office building, make some time to go out and enjoy some sun…even if for 5 minutes.

5. Load up on all summer essentials. Sunscreen/ moisturizer/ bronzer? CHECK. Sandals/ shorts/ maxi dress? CHECK. Sunglasses/ down for whatever attitude/ a cold brew? CHECK and CHECK.  Whatever your summer essentials, make sure to stock up on plenty of it. It’s going to be another hot summer.

6. Put away those winter digs. I recently moved to a place with a much smaller closet. *sniffles* This is the first time I’ve ever had to think about “putting away my winter clothes.” If this is something you often do, you already know. If not, it’s time to invest in a good trunk or storage bin and get those depressing winter clothes out of your wardrobe. Not only will it help to make room in your closet, but it will help you fully focus on enjoying the summer.

7. Plan a day-cation trip. Is it just me or does it seem like the want to go any and everywhere increases as soon as it gets warm? There are thousands of places to go in your neighborhood whether it’s a weekend in a nice hotel or a get-away in a neighboring state. Whichever your preference, don’t forget to explore like a tourist and spend like a local when you do. Some great places to go if you are in Georgia include Jekyll Island, Charlotte, New Orleans, and of course Miami and Orlando.

8. Refine your summer mixtape. Because there’s only so many times you can listen to Summertime…no seriously. Can we get a new summer song staple? What’s on your playlist?

9. Kick it with the homies. Friends. How many of us have them? I’ve noticed companies tend to be a lot more relaxed during the summer months giving you and your friends more hanging out time together. Call up your favorite cousin and enjoy a nice of debauchery for old time’s sake. If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed or lonely, this is the perfect opportunity to enjoy some face time with your favorite people.

10. Enjoy the sun. Self. Explanatory.

I LOVE the summer. Nothing brings me more joy than being able to wear almost nothing the relaxation and good feelings the summer tends to bring. WE have more hours in our day, more sunlight, and WAY more things to do…plus you don’t have to put on so many layers.

How do you get summertime ready?

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