Event Concept: A Bow Tie Bash for Baby Jake

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Event Concept: A Bow Tie Bash for Baby Jake

Event Concept: A Bow Tie Bash for Baby Jake

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The thing about being a storyteller is that you constantly have to be and find a source of inspiration. When people want you to create something out of almost nothing, you as the storyteller have to be able to come up with an entire vision for something your client thought about, but maybe didn’t have the insight enough to verbalize. And when you are a budding storyteller, it can be hard to share the vision you see and put it in to words. That is what our Assistant Creative Director has been going through. Although she’s creative, she wants to better be able to be a better event storyteller.

So I gave her a challenge, every week she will have a type of event that she has to create an entire event story about. She’ll have to share who the clients are, what the event is, what the event will look like, and all of the little details that you all have come to love about us here at The Soa Brand.

Below is her first event story. Give her feedback! Offer a potential story for her to discuss and definitely hire The Soa Brand to be your event storyteller, whether big or small.

Baby Jake’s Bow Tie Bash

As the Popes, family, and friends walk into the room,they will be greeted with a table full of little bow ties seating cards on a highboy draped with black linen that will help each person find their seats. A top each table is a centerpiece with white carnations with black ribbons tied around the glass vases with satin ribbon bow ties.

Floral Centerpiece B&W

The guests will enjoy fun baby boy “games” that engage them throughout the party such as word searches and guess the baby’s name as the Popes are seated in front of their guest on all white chairs.

“Handsome Little J” the signature cocktail dedicated to baby Jake will be served as the guests are seated at their table. The guest will enjoy both turkey burger sliders topped with fresh lettuce and tomato accompanied with garlic parmesan fries with a side of aioli sauce and grilled chicken sliders topped with mango salsa with cups of bow tie pasta salad on the side.

Dessert is a table set-up that is filled with options that are playful for the guests to tap into their inner child with dum dum pops, sugar cookies, and candy jewelry. The dessert bar will have black see through bags for you to collect the treats. The event ends with the receiving of gifts for baby Jake.

B & W babyshower bar

As guests leave this celebration for the Pope’s bundle of joy, they’ll go home with a custom made bow tie cookie and their very own photo of baby Jake to celebrate the beginning of a beautiful life.

Bow tie cookies


Stay Inspired,

Kayla Heard

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