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8 Ways to Stay Healthy While Traveling for Business

This month has be chuck full of traveling for The Soa Brand. We’ve managed events in Montgomery, generated client buzz in Austin, TX and executed events in LA. Though it’s been a whirlwind, it has taken a toll on the old body and immune system. As much as we love to travel, it’s not fun if you have to worry about not getting your co-workers sick or figure out how to get things done when you have major head congestion. Take a look at our 8 tips to stay healthy while traveling for business and leave your favorite tips in the comments section!

8 Ways ‘Treps Can Stay Healthy While Traveling

8 Ways to stay healthy

1. Be proactive about your health. At least one week prior to your trip, take tons of Vitamin C, zinc, and multi-vitamins. Carry Emergen-C or Airborne where ever you go

2. Stretch you legs…often. Long flights not only can make you cranky, but it can make you achy. If you have a flight over 3 hours, make sure to take a trip to the lavatory to stretch your legs whether or not you have to use it. Getting your blood re-circulating will make you feel refreshed and less tired. Also, look into getting compression socks. I know. I know. The first person you thought of was your grandma, but she’s definitely on to something. Compression socks help the circulation in your legs. Trust that you’ll thank your g-ma and yourself if you invest in them

3. Bring your own pillow case. No matter how many stars your hotel has on those travel review sites, you still have to take into consideration that although it may have been washed and bleached, the pillow you lay your head on has had the head of thousands of other travelers as well…(sorry germaphobes). Save your sanity and bring a pillow protector as well as your own pillow case.

4. Get some fresh air. Take a moment to step away from work, the hotel room, and the countless meetings and soak up some sun and fresh air. It’s good for you and it will help replenish your body with necessary oxygen

5. Choose tea over coffee. I’m a tea drinker. Typically when I have a craving for coffee it’s only for the taste and I usually opt for a Chai Tea latte anyways. What I have learned about coffee, for my body, is that although it’s tasty and can keep you awake it suppresses my immune system a bit. I often get sick quicker when I drink coffee than when I drink tea. If you are an avid coffee drinker, like my hubby, think about alternating between coffee and tea. Maybe you can start your day with coffee for the energy boost, drink herbal tea or sweet iced tea with your lunch, and end the evening with a chai latte or mocha latte to end your evening. That way, at least you are getting the added antioxidants in your system

6. Get some rest. Your doctor tells you this. Your wife/girlfriend/mother/sister/best gal pal/brother/bro tells you this. It’s necessary for maximum functionality. Of course you are on serious grind mode if you are doing business out of town, but you have to allow yourself time to rest even if that means taking a 2 hour nap when you have some down time and getting 4-6 hours that night.

8 Ways to Stay Healthy While Traveling for Business via the soa brand

7. Soak up the local culture. Okay, so your doctor didn’t actually recommend this, but think about it. They say the happiest people are the healthiest people right? Take a little detour from your business itinerary and go soak up the local culture. Whether that means beer and brats at the local pub or a little meditation at the nearest beach, soak it up! Find your happy in the city you are visiting and watch how much brighter that 2 hour session will be

8. Phone home. ET- the extraterrestrial was on to something. Traveling and getting paid for it is excellent, but it can take a serious toll on your feelings of being home sick. Make sure to call the ones you love and who love you the most as often as you can just to keep your spirits up. Hearing the voice of the love of your life can be as immune boosting as taking those vitamin C tablets (see #1).

Sometimes traveling is necessary for what you do and for the goals you have. Traveling is especially necessary to broaden our horizons, but it can literally make you sick if you aren’t proactive in staying healthy. Use these tips and more the next time you have to travel for business…or leisure!

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