14 Fabulous Dates for Valentine’s Day

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14 Fabulous Dates for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is literally a hop, skip, and jump from today. If you haven’t made plans, bought anything, or prepared for anything YOU ARE LATE! If your boo told you they didn’t want to do or receive anything…IT. IS. A. TRAP!!! At the very least, get them their favorite beverage, food, or activity and just have fun together!

Valentine's Day

Since V-day is Saturday, we’ve compiled a list of things you can do to celebrate with the hopes of making Valentine’s Day everyday in your love life. Keeping a variety of budgets in mind, this list has things you can do for under $20…if not free, as well as, grand over the top things you can do if money isn’t an issue!

Enjoy and let us know what are some of your favorite activities to do with your love.

For the budget conscious…because you know…bills:

You, Me and Netflix

1. Fireplace + Take Out + Netflix

2. Long walks in the park…because nothing says I love you like health

3. Picnic on the beach/ Picnic in the park…Two words Publix Sandwiches!

4. Take an Uber ride around the city

5. Get handy! Take a pottery, painting, or cooking class together

6. Go to the shooting range…I know it seems totally unsexy right? But think about it, nothing is sexier than power. Ladies, put on your best high heels and tightest pair of pants. Men, caress her as you teach her how to properly hold the gun.

For the under $200 date…not too cheap and not too expensive…because budget…

7. Dinner at a fancy restaurant

8. Take a wine tasting class

9. Stay a night at a B&B

10. Helicopter ride and dessert

Over over the top! For when you want to get those extra points 😉

11. Go to the airport and by a surprise ticket to anywhere in the world

12. Charter a private yacht

13. 3 day weekend at a tropical island

14. Have a totally awesome spa day. And I mean totally awesome! That includes mani, pedi, massage, facial, body scrub, dinner, champagne, and a luxurious hotel stay


Yes Valentine’s day is awesome and totally full of love, but you don’t have to go broke on one day, just to show your guy or gal that you love them. Do something fun, affordable, and different on Valentine’s Day or any day!

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