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Season of Gving: Simple ways to give back during the Holidays

The season of giving not just to our loved ones and friends is upon us and what better way to celebrate the season by giving yourself. Here are simple ways you can give to others this holiday season that may not be as fortunate as you.

 Christmas and the holidays are the season of giving. It’s a time when people are more kind and open-hearted.

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Participate in or create your own drive

Starting a drive or donation fund is a great and simple way to participate in giving this season. You can start a coat or toy drive amongst your co workers in the office or maybe even just by dropping off some of your old clothing to the Goodwill this season is a great gesture. It’s as simple as that! Once you participate in or start your own drive make sure to spread the word. Encourage as many people as you know to be apart of this fulfilling venture.

Feed the Needy

In many cities and towns, local shelter will have opportunities for you to volunteer in their soup and during their holiday dinners. This is another great and easy way to spread the love this season. For a more personal touch you can even take on your own feed the needy venture by getting a couple trusted friends, co workers, and/or family members to cook holiday meals for the homeless and needy. You can prepare plates for how ever many people your heart desires to reach and personally drop these plates off at shelters and populated areas of the homeless.

Sponsor a family

Another selfless way to share the love this holiday season is to sponsor a family, child, or person. This is simple and doesn’t require too much funds depending on your financial state. You can choose a child who is a child of a friend of the family or if you can, a whole family in need. You can choose to provide christmas gifts, meals, or both to this family or person. Especially for a child, let them create a list of what they want for Christmas and you play Santa by fulfilling  as many wishes as you can!

Do good gestures

Simply pay it forward this holiday season. Don’t miss an opportunity to hold a door open, say Merry christmas, send holiday cards, anything you can do to remind everyone of the love and giving this season is most known for.

Giving back is truly a rewarding and fulfilling feeling. Just to know you made a difference in a person’s life is enough praise for us! Let us know you favorite holiday give back gestures by commenting below!


Happy giving!

Jauntel+ the SOA team

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