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New Year Career Prep: Smart Career Moves to Make in the New Year

2014 has been an amazing year for The SOA Brand. We have networked and partnered with many large businesses this year. Everything from the Ladies Who Brunch event in the middle of the year to Nicole Garner of The Garner Circle’s wedding in a few weeks and it is only getting bigger in 2015. This is normally around the time when people start to make personal goals/ New Year’s resolutions for themselves, but how often would you say you set career goals for yourself. If your career is an important aspect in your life, let us guide you to making the right decisions. 2015 is going to be the year you not only lose those extra pounds you’ve been wanting to shed, but also lose that mundane office job that no longer brings excitement to your life.

Here are some really helpful career moves to make in 2015:

1. Order a business card. Even if you are just a student, include student on your business card. People tend to remember you much better when they can see your name on paper. Check out our blog on “Why Business Cards Matter”.

2. Go to networking events. Ever heard the saying “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know”, well this is true. Get out there and meet people. You will be surprised how many people actually want to help others.

3. After networking, be sure to follow-up. Like I said, people are only going to remember you if you give them a reason too. After meeting someone at a business event, be sure to send them an email saying how much you enjoyed talking to them and you guys should stay in contact. Short, sweet, genuine, and to the point.

4. Get certified. Certificates are a great way to show your credibility in an area. Say you have a degree in Management, but you want to go back to school to understand Public Relations. A simple (and much cheaper) solution is to get a certificate so you can gain knowledge in a field you’re not used to.

5. Test your comfort zone. What is something you have a burning passion for, but you always stop yourself before you get to it? Remember anything is possible. Growth doesn’t happen in your comfort zone.

6. Ask for a raise or promotion. The worst they can say is no right? Anybody can get over a simple “no”, so please do not let that hold you back. If I haven’t learned anything in life thus far, I sure have learned that closed mouths won’t get fed. If you don’t mention you want something, people are not going to read your mind and figure it out.

7. Start a business. It could be a non-profit, an online business, a services business, or even a products business. Whatever you find yourself having an interest in, go for it. One of the many reasons that hold people back from starting their own business is money. Do not ever let money hinder you from chasing your goals. Your career is an investment on yourself. At the end of the day it’s mostly going to benefit you and the people around you.

8. Invest your money. When you’re young is probably one of the best times to look into investments. Stocks, 401k, Certificate of Deposits, and other investment tools can help you double your money before you even know it.

9. Volunteer your time. What a better way to get hands on experience than actually getting the experience? You might not realize you enjoy doing something until you try it out.

10. Get digital. Everything around us is consumed by technology now. Be sure to stay up to date on the latest gadgets and apps that could develop your business.

11. Pay off debt. A lot of times people are afraid to start a business because they do not want to take on more debt on top of what they already have. For the sake of your credit and sanity, just pay off those debts. You will benefit in the long run from having your financial priorities in order.

12. Work on yourself. Never forget to reflect on your days and who you want to be. A big part of finding a career path, is understand who you are as a person. Do some soul-searching and really get an understanding of what your long term, short term, and immediate goals are career wise. Once you do that, I bet you will feel a lot more confident going into this New Year.

We hope everyone has a prosperous and growth-filled New Year. 2015 is going to bring nothing but greatness into our lives whether we realize it at the moment or not. Take the time out to write down your career goals and take the first step to reaching it. Nothing happens overnight. Improvement is a progressive act, make this year one of your most progressive years.

Best wishes,

Tigi B + The SOA Brand

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