5 Unique Office Party Ideas

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5 Unique Office Party Ideas

Christmas is right around the corner which means it’s time to plan your office’s annual holiday party. Are you to busy too think of a creative party idea? Don’t worry, I have provided five unique office party ideas each and every company can enjoy.


Masquerade Ball

This event is a great way to bring the office together in a formal setting for the holidays. Each attendee must bring their own masks so they can correlate with their dates. You can incorporate the common Christmas colors, red and green, but the main colors in the decor should have gold and purple. The menu and musical selection depends on the budget of the company. You can never go wrong with finger foods and a live jazz band!


White Christmas

Turn your office party into a winter wonderland. The attendees must wear all white to correlate with the overall theme of the party. To add a warmer feel to the decor, add some silver or gold accents to compliment the white. Don’t forget to be mindful of your guest’s all white attire so try to have neutral color food or small finger sized appetizers. Having an all white menu would go perfect with the White Christmas theme, but you’re not limited to do so.

Christmas Carol Karaoke 

This cost effective party idea is a great way for your coworkers to enjoy themselves in a fun and joyful environment. All you need is a karaoke machine that plays Christmas related songs. If you don’t have a karaoke machine, you can always have the DJ play the Christmas carols and have a projector that displays all the lyrics. “Oh the weather outside is frightful but the fire is so delightful and since we’ve got no place to go let it snow let it snow let it snow…”

Tis the Season to Give

This office party idea is all about giving back to the community. Each attendee should bring an item to donate for a non-profit organization of your choice. It’s easy to get consumed in your busy work and personal life that we sometimes as humans forget that there’s people in the world that are less fortunate than us. This office party idea is a way to bring your co-workers together to make a difference in the community.


The Candy Factory 

The decor and menu are the two most important aspects of the Candy Factory themes party idea. The decor should have some sort of correlation with chocolate or candy. You can have tall beautiful tall vases filled with chocolate and sweets as the centerpieces. Scatter different candies across each table to add to the decor theme. The menu should be filled with different desserts to please each and every guest. Depending on how large the office party is, you can place a chocolate fondue machine on each table and have different dipping items surrounding. Your coworkers should leave joyful and with a bag full of their favorite candy.

Happy Holidays,

Jilani Jones

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