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Incorporating Philanthropy in Your Business

As the fiscal year comes to a close, it is easy for businesses to just focus on the bottom line. Instead of employees, families of employees, and just the needy in general. It is always an awarding experience to give back to the community and just being charitable in general. As the holiday’s season steadily approaches here are some ways to help you get start on incorporating philanthropy into your business.


Know why you’re being philanthropic

Be honest with yourself and know why you’re giving back. Whether it’s just to be charitable or to receive tax incentives or write off’s. Know why you’re incorporating philanthropy into your business and start there!

Figure out what you want to give back

Once you’ve figured out why you want to give back, identify what you want to offer up. This can be in monetary donations, scholarships, clothing items, whatever. The easiest way to identify what you want to incorporate into your charitable giving is to make a list of what is important to you. List the causes that have been most important to you, places and people who have made an immense impact on your life, or even aliments that have affected loved ones.The closer the cause is to your personal life, the more likely you will stick to your endeavor.

Find causes that fit

Now that you have identified the why and what, it’s time to figure out the who. Search causes and organizations that align with what you are trying to give back. When trying to find a non-profit that aligns with your cause take a close look at the organization’s leadership, programs, activities, and strengths, as well as the risks associated with that company.This is just like any other business relationship and due diligence is required to asses if this is a right fit for your company. Do not choose a non-profit or make any commitments with any other charitable organizations without doing your research. You need to know that your contributions are going where they said they are going and if this is reputable company.

Let your cause be known

Once you’ve chosen the perfect philanthropic fit, spread the word! Incorporate this into your social responsibilities mission statement of your business, let employees know of this new endeavor, and celebrate! Celebrate your opportunity to give back into the world around you. Also offer employees and the community the opportunity to join your cause. By giving as much exposure to your cause, inadvertently but almost automatically always ensures maximum exposure for your business as well.


Whatever your reasoning for incorporating philanthropy it’s a win-win situation. You get to give back while receiving the benefit of knowing that you’ve helped someone who couldn’t help themselves. Let us know your favorite charitable organizations, comment them below!

Until next time,

Stay inspired!

Jauntel + The SOA Brand team

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