Be Entertained: 6 Ways to Keep Your Guests Entertained During Holiday Functions

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Be Entertained: 6 Ways to Keep Your Guests Entertained During Holiday Functions


1. Christmas Gift Wrap Relay

Set up an arrangement of wrapping paper, boxes, tissue paper, tape, and ribbon on two separate tables. The goal of the game is to see which person can wrap the gift the fastest. The winner gets to choose what gift goes to each person including him or herself.

2. Ornament Guess

Have one person place a certain amount of ornaments in a Christmas stocking and record how many is in each stocking. Each person is given a stocking and the goal of the game is to correctly guess how many ornaments is in each stocking. The person with the most correct estimations wins.

3. Holiday Sticker Stalker

Every guest is given 20 holiday stickers. The goal of the game is to attach a sticker a person without them knowing. If a person acknowledges that you’re attaching a sticker to them, they then give you one of their stickers. The person at the end of the event who has the least amount of stickers is the winner


4. Photo Booth

Pictures are a way to captivate a life long memory and are perfect for the holiday season. Get your creative juices flowing and create holiday related props to entertain your guests. Buy disposable cameras based on how many guests you’re anticipating and let your guests take full advantage. After your event print out the pictures from the event and they can make great holiday cards for your guests.

5. Get what you really want gift game

Have each guest bring in a gift for themselves. When all the gifts are collected then mix them up so your guests does not know who brought what. Everyone is given a gift and must make a prediction on who they think brought the gift. The person guesses correctly will win some sort of prize. A great prize idea would to have all of your guests donate $5, and whoever the winner is will win the pot of money at the end of the event.

6. Story Gift Exchange:

Have everyone bring a gift of his or her choice. Tell everyone to stand in a circle with their gift in their hand. As the event host you tell everyone a story about how your day went up until that very moment. Every time the person says a specific name, a word beginning with a particular letter, or let your creative mind take over and create your own rules for the game. Every time the group hears that word they pass the gift they brought to the right. At the end of the story everyone should have a gift brought by someone else.

Let us know how you keep your guests entertained at your own holiday functions on Twitter @TheSOABrand.

Happy Holidays!

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