10 Ways Small Businesses Can Prepare for #SmallBusinessSaturday

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10 Ways Small Businesses Can Prepare for #SmallBusinessSaturday

  1. 10 Ways Small Businesses Can Prepare for Small Business Saturday via The Soa Brand[What will you sell?] When it comes to figuring out which products to discount, it can literally be a tornado of merchandise to choose from. Our suggestion is to choose 10-12 items that you currently have an overstock of or one or two luxury items that have been popular over the last year.
  2. [Set your discount.] You discount should be based off of what you want your end of year sales goals to be. You want to meet your final $2000 goal but you’re stuck at $1500. Sell 10 of your normally $75 items for $50 and see yourself exceed your sales goals.
  3. [Create your marketing.] Don’t have photoshop? We use a little online app called Pixlr to create much of our digital marketing here on the blog. Source high quality images from Creative Commons or take your own and create quirky and fun marketing that can be shared on your blog, in your newsletter, and on your social media pages. Write and schedule your blog posts leading up to the sale so you get the work out early!
  4. [Create and Schedule your newsletter.] Animated content tends to get higher clicks and more lasting impressions. You may not have the time to create a video, but a gif is super easy to create! Simple search for a gif creator in Google or if you’re savvy, create it yourself in photoshop! Add some clever copy, insert links to the sale, and BOOM! You’ve got yourself some awesome inbox booty.
  5. [Engage with social media followers and encourage them to sign up for your newsletter.] Teasers! Get your social media compadres excited about your upcoming sale by posting teasers and engaging with your followers. Find out what they’re excited for when it comes to you company and then encourage them to sign up for your newsletter to get a deeper discount.
  6. [Create exclusive loyalty newsletter for existing clients/ customers.] I get a lot of newsletter in my inbox. Some of my favorites are the ones that provide a deeper discount for being a loyal reader. It not only makes me feel special, but makes me want to shop more with them. Offer an exclusive discount for your most loyal supporters by giving them early access to shop the deals or an additional discount on items.
  7. [Promote newsletter days before launch date] Promote. Promote. Promote. It’s said in advertising, that people won’t remember your message unless it’s stated at least three times…no add the attention deficit that is social media and you’ll find yourself promoting all day every day. Get creative and post your promoted content at different hours to prevent burn out. Post on Instagram between 10AM-1PM; LinkedIn from 7AM-9AM; Facebook after 3PM; Pin it in the evening and on the weekend before; and tweet it the day before and the day of
  8. [Tweak and update newsletter.] Before your newsletter goes out, you may find some new information. The day before it goes out, check it for link errors, typos, and grammar before scheduling or pressing the send button.
  9. [Launch newsletter.] Ready. Set. Go! It’s in the tangled jungle that is the internet. Say buh bye and watch the clicks come in!
  10. [Provide extra thank you to customers who shop with you on #SmallBusinessSaturday (candy, note, small gift).] For those who shopped with you during your sale, provide them with a handwritten note, a piece of your favorite candy (which can be an opportunity for a partnership with another business), or a small gift that won’t ruin your marketing efforts.

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As a small business, we try our best to support local and small. #SmallBusinessSaturday is a great way to get started on supporting local, small, and mom & pop shops that benefit the most from your purchases. Together we can continue to grow the economy by supporting each other’s business!

Feel free to take this badge and post it on your social media pages! Don’t forget to tag us @thesoabrand!


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