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What to do when you get negative feedback

This is life, and let’s faces it we are never going to hear exactly what we want at all times, ESPECIALLY when it comes to feedback. But, once you do get back those not-so-pretty responses, how you react to them is what truly what makes the difference. Here is how I have been able to handle negative feedback and turn it into a positive situation


Consider your sources: Look at where the negative feedback is coming from. If I get feedback from a trusted mentor or friend, I am going to consider what they have to say. If I am getting feedback from people that are not a trusted source, i.e. random website commenters, or people that the field they are commenting on are not their expertise, I am going to think twice before I just take their advice and run with it.


Don’t always think that feedback is negative criticism: Just because someone doesn’t initially agree, or jump to liking what you are doing does not mean that your work is just horrible. When a person takes the times out to analyze my work, I appreciate every moment of it. All feedback I receive is always looked at as constructive. When someone reviews your work they are pointing out your weaknesses in order for you to make them stronger.

Be confident in your work: If you are confident in your work, that you did your best job, and this is great work, then what anyone has to say shouldn’t faze you too much. Normally when I put 100% into my work, it’s not much negative that someone can say about it. So, I go into each review session confident in the work that I have produced and anything said about it will only make it times better than what it already is.


Once, you get your feedback try again: Okay you know what did wrong now, or maybe there is a better way to convey your message, either way, now you can go for it and try again! Use all of the responses and feedback to know what needs to be improved and use that as an outline of what to include next time. Once, I have received my feedback and made my outline, I try again. I revamp my work and include the information that needs to be changed, or maybe even start all over. But one thing I do know, every time I consider the constructive criticism I have received on any project and included it in my work, my work is ALWAYS better than when I initially started.

It’s all about perspective when it comes to feedback. Your confidence level, work ethic, and feedback sources have a lot to do with it. I encourage feedback at all times, as a way to know if you are sending out the right messages, or if your work is even as good as you think. But whatever your reasoning for feedback, don’t ever just beat yourself up for not getting the response you may have liked or thought it was going to be. Always look at that as motivation to do better and produce quality work that you can truly be proud of!

Until next time, stay progressing


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