Measuring the conversation: The importance of adding analytics to your social media strategy

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Measuring the conversation: The importance of adding analytics to your social media strategy

In the world of digital everything, it is absolutely imperative for every company or organization to have some type of social media site along with website to accompany its brand. It is important to be able to analyze your conversation and measure how, when, and what is reaching your audience. That’s where analytics comes in, analytics gives you the ability to analyze, collect, and report both your social media and website date, in order to optimize your reach with you customers. Here are some reasons why analytics is important incorporate in your social media strategy.


It gives you patterns

Analytics offers you the ability to make a pattern of your followers and fans. You are able to identify their demographics, interests, and geographic with most analytic tools. These tools help you develop a way to categorize and compute your followers and fans into sections, so that you can develop specific content for each sectors. Analytics sites like Google analytics even goes into details as to describe the different affinity categories of your followers and fans. These are categories created by monitoring what topics your fans and followers search about over a period of 30 days. This helps you narrow down the interests of your followers and fans, to see what they are most interested in looking for when surfing the web.

Shows you who’s being engaged

Most analytics sites also offer you the opportunity to see which followers and fans are really interested in your content. They offer you the ability to find your followers who like your content the most, who comment regularly, and what exactly are they commenting on and liking. This also helps you hone in on key influencers, who can be beneficial to providing word-of-mouth advertisements for your brand.

Helps you be in more than one place at the same time

Not matter how watchful we are of our social media sites, we are never going to catch every like, and every comment. Social media analytics offers business owners and social media managers the ability to know what’s going on, on their entire social media platforms at any given time. These analytics help you manage and schedule posts to publish at any given time. Social media analytics also offers the ability for you to optimize the time of your postings to maximize engagement and the response rate of your content.

Zoom through the noise

Incorporating analytics into your social media strategy helps you cut through the clutter that social media has and get to the conversations that matter. You have the ability to zoom into hash tags and conversations that are relevant to your organization and brand. Recently,  Hootsuite and Brandwatch partnered up to bring Brandwatch’s extensive “social business intelligence capabilities.” “ This partnership provides the enterprise with the power to act on and respond to conversations in a smarter fashion, and by separating the signals from the noise, enables our customers to respond to threats and opportunities in the short timelines that social media demands,” Brandwatch CEO and founder Giles Palmer said.

It does the reporting for you


All social media analytics sites does some form of reporting on the sites that they monitior This comes in the forms of highly organized and easy to read charts and some even make power points for you. Sites like Moze Analytics visualizes the data it collects, offers insights into how you measure up to the competition, and gives you recommendations to improve your overall marketing efforts.

Having some type of analytics incorporated in your social media strategy is undoubtedly necessary. If you want to be able to obtain the most effective use of your social media platforms and ensure that you are reaching your target market at the right time with the right content, then social media analytics is the way to go. Check out Razor Social’s list of 7 Multi-Platform Social Media Analytics Tools as a start!

Have any favorite social media analytics tools? Share them below!

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