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Tips on Maximizing Social Media Engagement

Social media is all about how to sell yourself and build networks to support your brand. If nobody knows who you are, then how can they talk about you? An effective social media engagement means a happy relationship with your clients or customers.

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To many people social media is all about the numbers. How many followers do you have? How many likes can you get on this picture? What is your following to follower ratio? Can you believe that people actually go out their way to not have more followings than followers on Instagram and twitter? Social media was designed to facilitate engagement. Don’t run your followers away by people standoffish. Get to know your statistics, but also use that as a guideline to gaining more followers.

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  • Be YOU: Believe it or not, your audience can tell when you’re putting on a show. Faking something on social media is basically a call for attention and everybody can see right through you.
  • Are you talking or making noise? : Create content that is relevant and credible. Nothing is worse than when you’re looking on your timeline and you notice that someone is not tweeting about anything important.
  • Engage: The whole point of social media is to have people to interact with. You will be so surprised how much you learn from others on twitter.
  • Etiquette: Nobody likes a social media bug. You know that one person that is always trying to get you to get them more followers. Be chill and let the followers come to you. Chances are if you have to beg them, they wouldn’t want to be following you anyways.
  • Start with a bang: The first sentence of each post should grab your audience’s attention. You will be surprised how much this could change a person’s day. Interesting questions are always a good way to start your post.
  • Get personable: If you know someone’s name, use it! People love when they are addressed by their real names because it makes them feel like they have successfully created a face to name recognition.
  • Q&A: Encourage regular conversation by hosting a Q&A session every week. People also love when their opinions can be voiced.
  • Giveaways: Hold brand related contest online to show your appreciation to your supporters.
  • Repost: Give credit where it is due. If you got a post off of someone else’s page, go ahead and tag them in it so others can know it was their original content. Not only is that good for the other person, it is also good for you because it shows how credible you are.
  • Hootsuite: Hootsuite is a good app that allows you to schedule your post during peak hours. This can come in handy during times that you have a meeting or other things you might have to do.
  • Use emoji’s: Did you know that using a smiley face emoji can increase likes by 57% and comments by 33%?
  • # it: Hashtag’s increase engagement by over 50% because people are able to find what you’re talking about by just searching for it. There is something about broken sentences that is so much more appealing than a full sentence.
  • Inspire others: I love seeing inspirational post on people’s page because it shows me that they want to inspire others in the process of promoting their brand.
  • Build a community: Bringing people together under a common ground allows others to feel a sense of comfort. Start a list on twitter of people who share a goal and watch that community grow.
  • Create an image template: This will be an icon that represents your brand, so that way people will recognize your words every time they see it.

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  • Gunaseelan

    Yes …I have tried these strategies already ..i am sure this will work ..Mainly, following the time chart will gain more effect in marketing .

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