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How to build a team of Gladiators…without the #Scandal

Would your team go over a cliff for you?

How to build a team of gladiators via @thesoabrand

There are three things we love here at The SOA Brand: telling amazing stories; Beyonce; and Scandal. Despite what you might think about last season’s uber Scandalous episodes, I always find myself thinking about how dedicated her team is. I find myself thinking about how the team is more than willing to run off of a cliff for Olivia Pope. I often wonder what it takes to create a team so dedicated and devoted to your brand that they become more like family than employees. Here’s my list of what it takes to create a team of Gladiators…you know…without all the scandals.

Synergy. It’s not just a term you’ll hear at those corporate shareholders’ meeting, it truly will define who your team is and what your company culture will be like. Find people to add to the team that help create dynamic synergy. What I find creates amazing synergy is finding people who have diverse backgrounds and complementing skill sets. Not only will they spend time getting to know each other, but they will work well together because they complement…not compete with each other.

Words of Affirmation. There are often times in each episode of Scandal where Olivia Pope will give praise to something someone on the team did. Whether it was Abby seducing information from David or Harrison mysteriously getting an invitation to some exclusive source or Huck….well…doing what Huck does, Olivia constantly let her team know that they were needed and that they were doing a good job.

Trust. I don’t know about you, but for the type of work that Olivia Pope & Co does on a daily basis, there has to be an incredible level of trust. Think about it, OPA has the type of people who will get rid of the body….yeah, that some really TRUST. Honestly, as the owner/founder/CEO of XYZ company, you HAVE to trust your employees to have you and the company’s best interest at heart. You have to trust them to do the right thing and to keep all the company secrets with them..forever. Your employees have to trust in knowing that you appreciate their hard work and that the checks will clear.

A willingness to help. You ever notice when we are privy to clips from all of the casts past, how they were in some dire situation and Olivia was there to get them out and make sure their situation was handled? All bosses should be willing to help their employees (the paid and unpaid kind) get to what ever their definition of the next level is. Many of us don’t realize it, but we are the mentors for our people. It is through us, our experiences and our positive energy that the people look up to us continue to grow. Companies thrive when everyone helps each other, whether the company is named after you or you are only an intern. Not only will the Gladiators jump off of a cliff for Olivia, but Olivia would follow them as well.

Honesty. How honest are you with the people you work with or who work for you? Would you come out and admit when you did something wrong? Would you actually ask them for help versus giving them tasks to do? I think season 3 taught us a valuable lesson in being honest with those around you. It wasn’t until Olivia came clean to the associates that she was able to get the tough love she really needed to get away fro Fitz (aka “Get away from him Liv!”). When it comes to having a team of gladiators, honesty is always the best policy. It is what trust is built on. Certainly not everything will be sunshine and rainbows, but as long as there is a policy of honesty you can be certain that there will be the right checks and balances.

We all want to feel like we are an important part of something. As the boss, you want to know that your team has your back just as much as you have theirs. As the member of the team, you want to know that your boss will do anything they can to help you when you need it most. Despite all the scandals and drama that takes place on our beloved Scandal, OPA is an incredible team of people who really seem more like a dysfunctional family than a mysterious firm. When you have such a small team, you’ll find that they will be more than Gladiators in Suits…they’ll become like your second family!

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