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Why Business Cards Matter

Who are you? What do you do? What does your brand represent? The quickest way to get all these questions answered is through a business card. I know your probably wondering what is the point of you giving someone a piece of paper that they are probably going to throw away as soon as you walk away, but you will be surprised how many people still find value in business cards. Over this past summer I went to a series of networking events and I noticed nobody really pulled their phone out to get other people’s contact information. Normally they would have a quick conversation and hand the next person a business card. I found that method to be much more effective because it wasted less time. Now I’m not saying networking is a waste of time, but having a quick method of transferring information sure does allow you to have more time to actually converse with the other person and get to know more about their business.

why business cards matter

What’s your twitter?

On your business card it is very important to include your social media contact, especially Twitter and Instagram. I find that most of the time when people are transferring information, they will quickly say “oh just follow me on twitter” or “just send me a DM.” Twitter is such a quick and friendly way to communicate with people. I know when I look at someone’s twitter, the first thing I check for is what type of tweets is on their timeline. Your social media represents your brand, so make sure it is professional before you direct people to that form of communication. Although it is easy to let somebody know your twitter name, it is always good to have something tangible that they can hold on too in case they forget your social media contact.

Let those creative juices flow.

From earlier on, a card is known as a way to advertise yourself. Let your business card represent who you want to be remembered by. A creative and custom designed business card is sure to grab and keep a lot of people attention. I know sometimes your career can constrain how your business card is allowed to look. For example, if you are into marketing or public relations, you would definitely want to have a business card that is much more personable. However, if you are into accounting or finance, then your business card would be much more standard. No matter what field you are in, make sure your card is memorable at the end of the day.

Without a business card, you look unprofessional.

Believe it or not, employers still expect you to have a business card. I remember going into a job interview one time and my potential boss asked me for a business card. Now of course I was inexperienced and did not even think that I had to have one. He looked at me as if I was crazy and throughout the interview I was so confused. Although I did really great on the interview, I really think I did not get the job because of that one situation. Employers expect business cards because they want something tangible to remember you by. Something else I learned that is that they would like a business card to know your social media information so they can see what you post. Again, it is all about branding and professionalism.

Face to brand recognition.

When meeting new people, handling them a card allows them to put a face to your brand. There will come a time when they actually need your service and your card will ring a bell in their mind. There have been plenty of time when I need to reach out to a vendor for an event we are having and their card has come in handy. By pulling out a business card, I am able to remember the connection I had with the other person, which can help me decide if I think they are right to partner with our brand. Networking is all about building long term relationships. When the time comes where someone is in need of your service, it is so much more convenient for them to get your information from your business card, than for them to have to search your contact information on the web.


In this digital age make sure you do not get caught up on technology. Your business card should represent your brand and who you want to be remembered by. It is always good to provide a tangible copy of yourself so people can remember what you stand for. Social media is a good form of communication, but don’t forget that people can easily forget your twitter name. Business cards are a fun and easy way to make yourself a memorable candidate. As your business grows, allow your card to develop as well. Get creative and make yourself stand out.

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