The Freshman Chronicles: What High School Doesn’t Teach You About the Real World

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The Freshman Chronicles: What High School Doesn’t Teach You About the Real World

So you have graduated high school, now what? I bet this is the summer that you’re probably just spending your days away chilling and enjoying your friends before everybody goes their separate ways. For those who have graduated high school, congratulations you made it!

The Freshman Chronicles- What High School doesn't teach you about the real world

High school can be the best time for some and the worst time for others. People are constantly worried about fitting in and what is considered cool or not that they tend to forget who they actually are as a person. One thing I never understood about high school was the fact that we use to wake up at 7 am for school and we will be there all day up until about 3 pm. 5 days a week, 8 hour days, with only a 30 minute lunch break. Why do we make our high school kids do all of that, but in reality when they get to college, they are only going to be in class for maybe 3 hours a day.

When I got into my 2nd semester of college, I had the bitter realization that high school doesn’t teach you shxt when it comes to the real world. I had to buy my own books, pay for tuition, actually go to my professor’s office hours for help, and learn to take care of myself for the most part. Going to college was one of the biggest reality checks I have encountered in my life thus far. Looking back on it now, I always laugh at the little things I had issues with in high school. We present to you The Freshman Chronicles: What High School Doesn’t Teach You About the Real World.

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If I would have known these tips 2 years ago, I probably would have better prepared myself for what they call “life”:

Fitting in is not everything.

In high school, I pretty much had the same friends all 4 years, so I never really struggled with this too much, but I have seen so many other people do this. You get to a new school and of course the first thing you want to do is make some new friends. Most people will go out their way to make friends, which includes changing things about their selves and trying to conform to what they see. Well guess what? The real world is nothing like that. College is filled with so many different types of people who have their own interest but at the end of the day everybody has the same goals; which are to graduate.

My first day of college, I asked my sophomore friend what I should wear and she said “Girl nobody really cares about that over there.” Most of the time you’re going to throw on the first thing you can find in your closet anyways. The moment you step off that stage with your diploma, you become like everybody else. There is no “popular” kid when it comes to the real world, it becomes whoever is willing to work the hardest is the one that is going to make it to the top.

Bullshxtting no longer exists.

I could honestly admit that I was the queen of finessing in high school. When my teacher asked us to write a paper, I would do it the night before and still get an A. Once again, another reality check when I got to college. I remember one time my professor asked me to do a 4 page paper and include an annotated bibliography. Keep in mind, I have never heard of that before, so I had to actually do research on it to figure out what exactly that meant.

The real world is nothing like high school when it comes to getting things done. Procrastination never works. In the real world, there are people that are expecting you to do your job and do it amazingly at that. There is no more assisting and babysitting you through anything. Remember that there are people depending on you to get this right, so you do not want to be the one to mess it up.

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The world is not going to stop.

Do you have an assignment due at 11:59? Well just know that if you don’t do it at that time then it is a 0. I remember when I got sick with an ear infection my freshman year and I could not make it to school for 2 days. When I got back, I felt like I had missed the whole semester of college. I thought college was like high school where the teachers would give me the notes and remind me of the missing assignments that we had to, but boy was I wrong. What also does not help is the fact that in college if you miss one material, more than likely you can not move on until you understand the previous concept. It was that moment that I realized that the world does not stop just because I was sick. Now don’t get me wrong, sometimes professors can help a student if they know that they need special accommodations due to certain things that are going on in their lives, but unfortunately a measly cold is not considered one of those things.

High School is not the best time of your life.

I hate hearing people say high school is the best time of your life because let’s face the facts, life outside of high school is the best time of your life. Just imagine you are out your parents’ house, you’re in college living the life, and you do not have anybody to tell you what to do. I don’t know about you guys, but when I moved out my parents’ house, I felt a sigh of happiness and relief. Don’t get me wrong, I love my family, but nothing is better than having your own freedom.

If you are going to college, make new friends and join organizations at your school. Being a part of an organization can make the high school transition so much smoother. Also, if you are not going to college, find something that you enjoy doing and grow in that field. You will be surprised at how many things you can do in life without having a bachelor’s degree.

This is the youngest you will ever be so live life, make mistakes, and grow each and every day as much as you can. You no longer have someone watching over you, so make sure you make the best decisions possible. Remember that your best days are ahead of you, so go out and enjoy them!



Stay Progressing,

Tigi Bah:)

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